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Battleship Iowa-class

All you need to know about Battleship Iowa-class from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Ships - Battleships
Ships - Battleships
Also known as:
Used from:1943–1992
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:US Various
Model:Battleship Iowa-class

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1:350 BB-63 Missouri (Very Fire VF350909)
U.S. Navy Battleship
BB-63 Missouri
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1:900 U.S.S. Iowa (Zhengdefu DF049)
U.S.S. Iowa U.S.S. Battleship
Zhengdefu (正德福模型) 1:900
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1:900 U.S.S. Iowa (Zhengdefu DF049)
U.S.S. Iowa U.S.S. Battleship
Zhengdefu (正德福模型) 1:900
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1:900 BB-63 Missouri (Zhengdefu DF013)
U.S. Navy Battleship
BB-63 Missouri
Zhengdefu (正德福模型) 1:900
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AdmLordDUnivers added a new project.
In progress
1:700 US Battleship BB-64 Wisconsin 1991 (Trumpeter 05706)
23. June, 00:22
AdmLordDUnivers added a new project.
1:700 US Battleship BB-63 Missouri 1991 (Trumpeter 05705)1:700 USS Arizona Mooring Quays, modern appearance (Model Monkey 700-AzMooringMod)1:700 USS Arizona (HobbyBoss 83401)3+
23. June, 00:19
Scott added a new project.
8. June, 18:29
I tried to add a little spot where the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender took place, and I included simulated damage from the suicide plane attack of 11 April 1945.
8. June, 18:33
Scott added a new photoalbum.
1 | 8. June, 18:31
Joe Kim added a new photoalbum.
2 | 30. May, 20:41
Joe Kim added a new project.
1:700 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Trumpeter 05702)
16. May, 18:33
Thomas Loveridge added a new project.
1:350 US MK1 18"/457mm Resin Turret and Metal Gun Barrels (Chuan Yu CYG042A)1:350 US Navy Ship Markings (Alliance Model Works NW35039)1:350 Missouri WW2 Deck (Scaledecks.com 350-005)6+
1 | 12. May, 05:01
Ingmar Stöhr added a new photoalbum.
26 | 30. April 2020, 19:37
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Michael Osadciw
Wow. What a lot of detail. How do you like the 3D printer you have? I've been thinking of getting one for creating parts and hopefully full 1/35 scale figs once I get some more Blender sculpting knowledge under my belt.
9. April, 22:02
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you everyone!
@Stefan: Die Treppe hat es auf dem Fotor "nur" nach hinten umgebogen. Da ist schon alles richtig 😉
@Michael: I'm very happy with my Elegoo Mars. For around 250EUR it delivers very nice detail! I did a lot of modeling and sculpting in Blender the last months. Have a look at those two projects:
St. Mary's Church, Falklands April 1982 | Album by stugiii (1:350)
Lighthouse on Cliff 1/350 scale (3D printed) | Album by stugiii
18. April, 16:41
Ingmar Stöhr
Today I was able to complete the main armament. Turret No3 also needed some modifications to resemble the prototype in the 1984 time frame.
18. April, 16:44
Ed Batres
I'm curious, why are there handrails on the turrets? When would the sailors use them? How do they reach them? I'm primarily an aircraft builder, but appreciate great work. Thanks. Great attention to detail. Pleasure to see the work you do.
18. April, 16:49
Ingmar Stöhr
Hi Ed, I'm not entirely sure, but most likely they would be used to secure a sailor with a rope when doing maintenance or some paint work. You find similar rails around the whole bridge, e.g. for cleaning windows or repairing something from the outside
18. April, 17:07
PaulDavid added a new project.
1:350 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Tamiya 78028)
14. April, 03:02
Calvin Gifford added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
The stripped hull and parts. Still have to clean up the parts themselves and find some masts, radars & at least a few li...
17. February, 06:21