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M1070 HET

All you need to know about M1070 HET from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Trucks
Vehicles - Trucks
Also known as:
Used from:1993–Now
Used by:Military
Model:M1070 HET

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Aleš Smrdel RRunner
Andy W. Babbsack
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News Feed

February 22, 2021

Thomas K. added a new photoalbum.
8 | 21. February, 16:56
Yigal Levin
Very nice doen
21. February, 17:17
Dennis Nicolette
Really looks good. I appreciate all the work and time.
21. February, 23:50
I agree with Yigal and Dennis. I think you should present this impressive American tank transporter side by side with the green Russian tractor you showed here recently!
22. February, 10:45
Thomas K.
Thanks yigal, Dennis and Neuling! :) @ Neuling : Hab ich sowieso vorgehabt, wenn der SLT fertig ist ;)
22. February, 10:51

January 26, 2021

Steven H added a new project.
26. January, 08:38

January 13, 2021

ownnddd added a new project.
1:35 U.S. M1070 Truck Tractor basic set (Voyager Model pe35500)1:35 M1070 Truck Tractor & M1000 Heavy Equipment Transporter Semi-trailer (HobbyBoss 85502)
13. January, 20:36

January 9, 2021

Thomas K. added a new project.
2 | 1. January, 22:16
Mirko Römer
That's a lot of work ahead. Good luck and happy new year!
8. January, 22:08
Thomas K.
Hallo Mirko! Wünsche dir auch ein gutes und gesundes neues Jahr und viel Erfolg bei deinen Projekten. Der Bausatz ist Wahnsinn! ;)
8. January, 23:10
Looking forward, Thomas!
9. January, 11:25
Thomas K.
The Primer is on the truck and trailer :)
9. January, 18:22

December 13, 2020

Brian Love added a new photoalbum.
26 images
View album, image #24
Finally finding some time and motivation with the project. Added the ET Models FCBC2 screen, keyboard and sincgars radi...
13 | 12. September 2020, 12:29
James C
Looking awesome
20. October 2020, 16:57
Brian Love
Some of the pipes/hoses on the m1070 are corrugated. Trying to find corrugated pipes in 1/35 is hard.

So, I bought a miniature tape a die set and ran my copper wire through the die plate. This leaves a thread on the wire giving a corrugated look. And with there being multiple different sizes on the die plate, I can make up different sized pipes!
11. November 2020, 20:19
Rui S
I agree with James. Nice detailing work
12. November 2020, 21:02
Brian Love
Thank you
14. November 2020, 11:03
Brandon H
Coming along nicely!
Neat trick with the die set for the hoses, I'm gonna pick up one of those myself. Lots of DEF lines and wire loom in my future...
15. November 2020, 01:08
René "Lord Bilbo" Bartholemy
Hi, just for info, there's a tool I use for corrugated hoses :
Roll Maker Tentacle Tool (Gr..f World 8436554360383ES, No)
Hop this helps... ;)

No Roll Maker Tentacle Tool (Green Stuff World 8436554360383ES)
15. November 2020, 08:54

November 3, 2020

Brian Love added a new photoalbum.
5 images
View album, image #1
Like the M1070 tractor, HB make alot of components steerable, then either you have to glue pieces down, or they just are...
1. November 2020, 15:52

November 2, 2020

Jean-Michel Tilquin added a new photoalbum.
13 | 28. October 2020, 11:11
Rui S
What a great work on this Big model, Looks great, but some photos are a bit whitish? and don't make it justice, IMHO 8)
29. October 2020, 21:03
Very impressive! When will I venture such a great project? Everything here looks just fine and the figure is spot on. Rui is right: your model deserves still better photography.
30. October 2020, 08:45
Wow, what a monster! Very impressive work.
30. October 2020, 15:29
James C
I have just one word...... AWESOME!!!
30. October 2020, 18:01
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Thanks mates. And indeed I feel I'm a poor photographer.... Maybe I should give it another try indeed... But happy you like the beasts anyway
30. October 2020, 18:18
Frank Krüger
A real man's dream !!!! ;) I love this model !!!! Congratulations .. :)
31. October 2020, 09:07
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Thanks Frank. I've updated the pictures, I think they are sharper now, enjoy!
31. October 2020, 16:37
2. November 2020, 09:20

September 13, 2020

Jean-Michel Tilquin added a new project.
13. September 2020, 11:09