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1:72 KV-85 Heavy Breakthrough Tank


73 22 November 2023, 17:05
Gergő Takács
Another interesting project! Very nice and clear build. Im taking a seat.
15 February, 18:49
Alec K
Cool project, taking a seat as well.
15 February, 23:50
James C
15 February, 23:56
Simon Nagorsnik
You're welcome mates😄!
16 February, 04:43
Shar Dipree
I'm excited to see what kind of highlight you'll conjure up again.
16 February, 05:41
Michael Kohl
Ahhh, what a beautiful multimedia build. A shame to put color on. Well - I suppose, after YOU put color on I won't complain anymore. 😉
16 February, 07:49
fantastic detail.
16 February, 07:55
Dave Smith
Looks very tidy.
16 February, 08:13
Neil Patrick
Great job Simon. Even without paint it's looking exciting. When you're done I reckon this is going to come out looking fabulous.
16 February, 08:46
I'm in
16 February, 09:35
How much detail can one put in a 1/72 scale model tank ? 👀
16 February, 14:08
Tom B.
What a little gem 👍 That intricate PE-work is really something! If anyone needs proof that those "simple" Trumpeter 1/72 kits can be made to great display-quality... this is it 🙂
17 February, 12:18
Simon Nagorsnik
Welcome mates and thank you all!
Trying to get the best out of Trumpeter kits 😉
20 February, 20:18
Robert Podkoński
Awesome job, Simon! I am impressed with your dedication.
21 February, 16:14
Stalking, errr, watching build! Love the step by step shading!
29 February, 17:05
Zsolt Czegle
I take a seat.... Following of course!
7 March, 16:41
Remarkable work as always. I'll take my seat in the classroom.
7 March, 17:36
William Joel
Great work. Thank you for all the details that went into making the diorama, much appreciated.
26 March, 23:42
Simon Nagorsnik
Thanks, hello and welcome to the show friends! 😁😉
27 March, 17:33
The tank is cool, but the background is really cool.
2 April, 07:18
Simon Nagorsnik
Thanks MS K! More will follow when it´s finished!
2 April, 16:02
Yes yes yes beautiful!!!
5 April, 12:28
Breathtaking details😍
5 April, 12:30
Shar Dipree
Another magnificent and lively diorama with a multitude of great details. As always, it's great that it doesn't look like 1:72. As always, it's great that it doesn't look like 1:72 - I always find this art, an interplay of detailing, painting and weathering, very remarkable. 👍👍👍👍👍
I hope you don't take it badly - please don't - the sunflowers are somehow not convincing and disrupt the otherwise phenomenal overall picture.
5 April, 14:02
Rui S
A masterpiece as always.👍 Some how I've missed this One. 🤔
5 April, 14:06
Simon Nagorsnik
Thanks a lot Laliscale 🫡
@ Shar Dipree: First of all, thank you very much for your positive comment!
And no, I certainly don't hold it against you😉
Comments and opinions are very welcome to be critical and stimulating, otherwise a discourse can never arise.
Only pointless bashing isn't so cool...

However, I understand you completely, the planning of the dios gave me a bit of a headache, but I still thought something of it.
The idea was that a patch of (still) peaceful earth would be disturbed by the pangs of war.
The tank is only on the march, without combat, but there should be some contrast between the everyday country life and the archaic-looking vehicle.
The compilation was done according to original pictures.
In addition, the flowers bring a little more color and calmness to the scene and should avoid an empty-looking corner....and helped to reduce my storage by a few items 😉
5 April, 14:18
Simon Nagorsnik
Rui, thank you too!
Don´t mind, it´s new 😁
5 April, 14:21
Shar Dipree
@Simon: Thank you for not holding it against me.
I didn't mean it in terms of the overall composition (I love that 😍 ), but rather that the flowers don't really look like sunflowers. They are not as beautiful, detailed and vibrant as the rest of the diorama.
5 April, 15:12
Simon Nagorsnik
Haha, so that was the reason, maybe I misunderstood, my mistake 😅
The flowers are just PE, yes, you can see that.
As soon as I find a better solution, this one will be used in future....
Thanks again for your good feedback 🤝
5 April, 15:32
Michael Kohl
I like it a lot.
5 April, 15:36
Zsolt Czegle
Awsome work, I love it!

@Simon @Shar Dipree: he sunflowers are good for the scene, maybe the dried grass is strange around them... Maybe it would be better with green grass.
5 April, 15:42
James C
Stunning build Simon 👍
5 April, 15:45
Simon Nagorsnik
Thank you Michael, Zsolt and James!!
@Zsolt: You're not completely wrong, if it were grass some green would fit better, I agree with you, but actually it should be some kind of grain.
I think I didn't choose the right product.
Probably i didn´t chose the right product to represent it.
This is not one of my favorite projects anyway, rather one that came about by chance.
I think there are more inconsistencies in there, one reason to do better with the next one.
5 April, 16:24
Rui S
Well, I think it's an eye catcher Dio after all and more so, when it's a 1/72 👍
6 April, 02:09

Album info

A few words to the KV-85:
KV-85 was the last version of the KV tank series to be produced (mid 1943) and was intended as an interim solution until the IS-1 tank, which was still under trial, was put into service.
The latter IS-1 was intended to replace the KV series as heavy tanks as these no longer met the requirements of the time.
The D-5T cannon, which was also installed in the SU-85 (D-5S), was used to increase the combat value.
In order to create better space conditions in the turret, the already finished series turret of the IS-1 was used, which resulted in an increase in the diameter of the turret slewing ring.
The hull of the KV-1S was adapted to the larger turret, but this resulted in the elimination of the driver´s hatch and the radio operator.
Only 148 KV-85s were produced, most of which were used on the southern front lines of the Soviet Union.

The kit:
I used Trumpeter´s 07127 kit as base which then provided with more and better details.
The main component for this is the PE detail set from Part (PE72-029 for PST kit), Aber gun barrel (72L-39) and a tow cable set from Eureka (ER-7214).
Other small details and conversions are scratch built (copper wire, plastic sheet and profiles etc.).
I also drilled up some holes, made new weld seams (Tamiya epoxy putty) and casting surface structure.

The kit built out of box is typical a Trumpeter- good fit, sharp molds, relatively few components and the simplified or missing details.

I built all components of the small diorama myself.
Mainly plastic sheet and profiles, left over PE parts and for the roofing I used natural material made of hemp yarn.
Only the static grass, the self-adhesive grain ears and the PE sunflowers from Voyager Model (PE7215) were purchased.

The figurines are by Peddinghaus (72F013, 3D print) and White Stork Miniatures (F72010, resin cast).
I slightly changed and revised the posture of all figurines so that they are a bit better adapted to the scene.
The animals are taken from Pegasus Hobbies Farm Animals Set (7052).

When all main elements were in place, I added some more details to the tank such as crew equipment and tarpaulins, small wooden planks, the famous Soviet recovery beam and an infantry machine gun (Firma49, A048, 3D print) to create a little more liveliness.

20 images
1:72 Soviet KV-85 Heavy Tank (Trumpeter 07127)1:72 Set of 2 Towing cable for russian late type KV-1/2 tank (Eureka XXL ER-7214)1:72 KV-85/122 (Part P72-029)6+

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