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Jorge Medina (Medimodelling)

Harrier Av-8 S Matador

Monogram Harrier Av-8S matador fully riveted and repanelled with some scratch built details


36 19 December 2021, 12:23
Goran Djordjevic
19 December 2021, 13:37
Agustin Prellezo
Un trabajo impresionante! Very well done !
26 December 2021, 10:32
Awesome work on this old kit, I'll be copying that template trick 🙂. Looking to replace some rivets on a kit myself lost by sanding so not as extensive like your build. What tool did you use for the riveting? One of those wheely things? I am thinking of buying the Hasegawa rivet tool for flush-head rivets to improve on my current needle and/or drill technique but that tool has the downside of still having to do each rivet individually. Doable since I don't want to re-rivet a whole kit. Just wondering how to get rivets is certain places (like the tail-fuselage transition) using on of those wheely things, could you explain how you did the rivetting?
26 December 2021, 11:29
Thomas Bischoff
a lot of work but will turn out great 👍
26 December 2021, 11:39
Jos Jansen
Beautiful work Jorge, that's a lot of dedication concerning riveting...but it's looking great. Did you use Rosie the Riveter tool?
26 December 2021, 12:13
David Taylor
So many questions.Is the det cord a decal.What pilot are you using.Great build so far.
26 December 2021, 12:16
Jorge Medina
Wowww ! Thanks for your comments is a pleasure to answer you all the questions. I'm using the rivet wheels from galaxy tools. Those wheels are similar to the rossies ones and are the ones that I can recommend. I have tried the one from trumpeter and is a big piece of sh##! So don't waste your money on that stuff. The process is easy. I just trace a line with fine permanent marker or thin masking tape and simply roll the wheel over the line. Once rolled I light sand the line with a 1500grit sponge and that's all clean the line with a alcohol soaked Rowell to delete de line and you have it ready. This also make that the ink of the permanent marker get into the rivets so they are more noticeable to check if everything is ok.

For cutting my templates I'm a using a plotter from the brand silhouette exactly the portrait 3 model. Enough for modelling. I have cut plastic till 0.3 mm without trouble. I trace all my templates on the computer with a cad program called Rhinoceros then I export the files to the silhouette program in .DXF format.

Hope I have answered all your questions property. I'm happy to explain my work so if you need more info I will happy to answer!
27 December 2021, 00:27
Bart Goesaert
splendid result so far of a lot of work put into this model...
27 December 2021, 05:14
David Taylor
definitely turned a sows ear into a silk purse.
25 January, 21:47
Bart Goesaert
Beautiful.... really beautiful
26 January, 04:27
Sy Bar
Great work. Where did you source your plans from?
26 January, 04:51
Gary Victory
Fantastic work Jorge. Looking good.
26 January, 07:20
Agree with Gary. Outstanding work. Really lovely/informative build (not just showcase) album also. I enjoyed it greatly and can appreciate the work involved, massive kudos to you! Can't wait to see final reveal 🙂 👍
26 January, 09:08
Arif Saeed
Awesome work Jorge 👏👏
26 January, 18:04
Michael Kohl
I just like those spanish liveries. Waiting for more.
26 January, 18:05
Jorge Medina
Wow! is a pleasure for me reading all those really positive comments! is always delightful to feel that you effort really worth it. Sy Bar, the plans for riveting are form Google, I just simply type the name of the model im looking for followed by Blueprint, other times i just simply look for it at www.aircraft.ru . In this case I have been using a mix of two blueprints, ones from a sea harrier and other from a GR3 I can email them to you if you need them. I will keep on working!
26 January, 21:16
It is looking great!
I really like the "whalesark" camo on picture 87, kind of a pity to cover it 😉
26 January, 21:21
Sy Bar
Jorge thanks for the info, will try myself but if I fail I'll take your offer 👍
Keep up the great work 🙂
27 January, 20:09
it seems that the site is not longer available.... when i click on aircraft.ru, I only get
срок регистрации доменного имени www.aircraft.ru истек
according to google translate: www.aircraft.ru domain name registration expired
let's hope they will be back....
27 January, 20:24
Bartolome Jordan Gomez
Excelente trabajo, lo has bordado. La maqueta con todos sus años y problemas me sigue pareciendo la que mejor plasma las formas de este avión y has sabido lidiar y solucionar sus deficiencias.
17 March, 07:31
Jorge Medina
Muchisimas gracias Bartolome! la he disfrutado y sufrido a partes iguales jejeje
25 March, 17:06
Guy Rump
Very nice build indeed. 👍
25 March, 19:43
I would never have thought this was a Monogram kit.
25 March, 20:32


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