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F-22A Aggressor

Academy F-22A in Blue Splinter Aggressor Camouflage.
Weapon bays will be displayed opened and armed with AIM-120 and AIM-9, fuel tanks will also be added.

An F-22A Aggressor Squadron has been rapidly deployed to an undisclosed location to assist allied forces.


14 | 30. May, 15:35
Maciej Bellos
5. June, 12:56
Got some work done on the F-22.
Weapon bays have been treated with black wash to highlight the details.
I decided not to paint individual cables because I am not really precise with the brush.
Also, I didn't fill the sink holes in the weapon bays because right now I don't have the right tools to sand them properly.
Hopefully they won't be that visible after arming the bird with missiles.

The cockit is almost done too. The HUD is still missing.
There are some gaps between the intakes and the rest of the fuselage that need to be filled and sanded.
Glueing the underside of the nose to the rest of the fuselage and adding the intakes was a bit of a pain. Not sure, but I think Academy could have handled this a bit differently to make construction easier.
5. June, 13:01
Nice start. Following.
5. June, 20:20
Welcome Maciej and Cuajete!
Made little progress since last week.
Weapon and landing gear bays have been installed and the fuselage halves are glued together.
Now I can fill some gaps on the intakes and sand them down.

I will upload more pictures when there is more visible progress on the kit.
11. June, 14:41
Robert Podkoński
Looks very good as it is - I would not mind the cables, wash is enough IMHO 🙂 Following with interest!
11. June, 15:03
Roland Gunslinger
👀 Really nice project!
11. June, 16:16
The ejection pins are definitely a pain in the ass on this one, especially in the intakes. Have fun!
15. June, 11:29
Robert, Roland and and kengdad, welcome aboard.
Priming and pre-shading are done. After that I carefully sanded the entire surface.
Maybe I applied too much pressure, even though I tried to apply almost none as the pre-shading became a little more washed out.

Yeah, the pins are definitely a pain. What's more frustrating to me is that I screwed up one of the decals that are placed in the intakes.
I somehow managed to fold it during the application and wasn't able to get it straight. 😠

Next will be the camouflage and some work with the paintbrush on the AIM-120s and wheels.
21. June, 19:38
Robert Podkoński
Looks very promising - I am waiting to see red stars on that Raptor...
21. June, 19:41


In progress
1:72 F-22A (Academy 12423)

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