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Aleksander Górka (alex_stela)

Westland Wessex HU.5 XS486, Falklands '82, 1/72 Italeri


33 | 15. February, 07:00
Björn Leichsenring
Looks very well. Great weathering.
15. February, 08:08
I agree with Bjoern!
15. February, 10:09
unbelievable! the image with it in your hands is incredible. i would have though it 1/48
15. February, 10:36
15. February, 12:30
15. February, 12:36
playtime 222
Yep. This one looks like it sat on the deck covered in a tarp for 5000 miles 😄
15. February, 13:34
What it says on the sides: WOW
Fantastic surface treatment
Seems italeri is really offering a little gem here or did you do many modifications besides the eduard PE?
16. February, 16:35
David Taylor
Brill build.
16. February, 16:37
Kamil Rudziński
Bardzo ładny Wessex!
17. February, 06:58
Raphael Bernecole
An interesting project on the Falklands war ... very nice job well done! 🙂
17. February, 07:12
Aleksander Górka
Thanks, guys! 🙂
Daniel, the Italeri kit is basic and has some lacks and issues, but it's quite pleasant to build. Most modifications are from Eduard's PE sets. I've only added some wires, pipes and air scoops, drilled some holes and made interior's ceiling (not visible on those photos). There is "work in progress" album in this project, where my modifications are visible.
17. February, 09:06
Aleksander Górka
Oh, I've almost forgot - tail rotor blades are wrong direction in this kit! They are counterclockwise, should be clockwise. It's not very hard to correct.
18. February, 06:33
Łukasz Gliński
Lovely, nevermind the rotor😉
19. February, 09:13
Aleksander Górka
Rotor in mine is correct, but in box you get incorrect. 😉
19. February, 11:53
Rui S
I like it 👍
9. October, 16:15
Very nice 👍
9. October, 16:39


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