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Lode Schildermans (Lode)

HMS Prince of Wales

Tamiya kit 1:350 with Pontos


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James C
Nice to see this one making a return Lode. Very impressive workmanship 👍👍👍
24. November 2020, 05:23
Lode Schildermans
Thank you James. I always liked this ship. Yet the album of HMS Howe to restore and it crosses my mind to do another KGV-class battleship
24. November 2020, 06:05
Martin Oostrom
And the old avatar. Ah, the good old times!
24. November 2020, 06:14
great to see this beauty again 🙂
24. November 2020, 09:08
I always liked the looks of this ship class. 🙂 Never got around to buy the Tamiya kit.

Very nice seeing the signal flags and all on the model. 🙂
24. November 2020, 14:29
Lode Schildermans
Well Martin, build in the good ol' times when I didn't do weathering, no figures,... when it was all fun 😉
Spanjaard, the pleasure is all mine
Treehugger, you're not the only one. I always had (and have) in mind doing all five of them
29. November 2020, 20:03
Martin Oostrom
I don't understand how buying kits could be the problem 😄
But then I have 5 Black Friday kits en route from Poland 😉
29. November 2020, 20:28

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