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Maurizio Laudisa (Maurizio62)

Flak 88 "Heaven and Hell" diorama


69 24 January 2023, 19:30
That's just fantastic! 👍
24 January 2023, 19:37
Pietro De Angelis
24 January 2023, 19:39
Alan G
Stunning build. Love it. What was the kit like to build? I'm torn between getting this or the Dragon kit.
24 January 2023, 19:43
Maurizio Laudisa
Thanks Alan G.... I loved putting the Border Model kit together, lots of fine detailing, excellent fit, a metal barrel, limited PE parts, and a few options in terms of which shield can be used. Only issue is the instructions, sometime they're vague in terms of precise positioning of parts, with arrows that don't really give you the exact location. There are a couple of mistakes as well. Also, there are no painting guides throughout construction. Someone commented on my FB feed that the Dragon kit was still "better", but I don't really know why since I haven't built it. The 6 included figures are good, but so are Dragon's from what I can see.
24 January 2023, 20:05
Alan G
Thanks Maurizio. I'll have to have a think about it some more but i can see me getting the Border kit
24 January 2023, 20:07
Very inspiring diorama. A pleasure to look at. Well done.
24 January 2023, 22:06
Looks really good.
24 January 2023, 22:12
That's brilliant!! Very well done indeed.

24 January 2023, 22:20
Excellent build - well done! Shep Paine was an inspiration to me as well when I was building Monogram kits back in the day. I still have a few of the how-to inserts that came with the kits. Your diorama certainly has his vibe about it.
25 January 2023, 02:34
Maurizio Laudisa
Thanks everyone for your comments and appreciation.
25 January 2023, 04:34
Mathias Decommere
Magnificent! A pleasure to the eye! Speechless...
25 January 2023, 05:55
Impressive diorama with lots of interesting details. Well planned and careful work! 👍
25 January 2023, 09:30
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Excellent in every aspect !
25 January 2023, 09:31
And it deserves more photos. Some of the outside of the church would be good.
25 January 2023, 10:05
A Front view from outside the hole in the Wall would be interesting. Spectacular looking Diorama
25 January 2023, 10:30
Rui S
Great tribute, well done. Great execution all round, congratulations 👍
25 January 2023, 22:18
Maurizio Laudisa
Thanks everyone, your feedback is truly appreciated.
26 January 2023, 04:44
I really enjoy the work you did on the figures. It is very impressive!! Thank you for sharing these pictures of your great work.
29 January 2023, 21:55
Maurizio Laudisa
Thanks Scott
29 January 2023, 22:14
Michael Kohl
Congrats. Well deserved.
27 March 2023, 15:49
James C
Nice dio and congrats on the award 👍
27 March 2023, 16:28
Maurizio Laudisa
Thank you Michael and James!
27 March 2023, 17:54
Bruce Huxtable
Strong message well conveyed. Well deserved recognition, congratulations 👍
27 March 2023, 19:57
Maurizio Laudisa
Thank you Bruce!
27 March 2023, 19:59
Well done!
27 March 2023, 20:47
Congrats! Well deserved!
27 March 2023, 21:52
Mathias Decommere
Congratulations! Respect!
27 March 2023, 22:55
Villiers de Vos
Very nice work. Congratulations. Well deserved.
28 March 2023, 06:11
Maurizio Laudisa
Thanks guys.
28 March 2023, 13:24
Mr James
Very well deserved. Outstanding work.
10 August 2023, 19:12
This is a wonderful diorama.
Every time I see it, I feel the solider on the ladder is going to get knocked off when the gun fires. 😁
10 August 2023, 23:33
Allan T
Inspirational project Maurizio! Fantastic detail that keeps the observer looking for more.
2 October 2023, 12:01

Album info

"Heaven and Hell" is the title of my diorama, a tribute to the late Shep Paine who was the inspiration for this effort. The 1/35 Border Model Flak 88 is an excellent, if a little fiddly, kit that comes with six well molded figures (though good resin figures are still superior).
The church was entirely scratch-built out of carved foam, balsa, and a few laser-cut elements from miniature houses. I painted oak leaf camo reversible parkas for most of the figures, some in summer and some in fall patterns. I don't think I have the uniforms totally accurate, but so be it... I just didn't want them all in off-white winter camo. Apparently I was called out for the window behind the altar not being historically accurate for churches in Europe (although some Gothic churches did), but I'll chalk it all up to "artistic license". While I might do some retouches here and there in future, it is largely done.

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1:35 88mm Gun Flak36 (Border Model BT-013)

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