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Thomas Kolb (Mimoid)

J 26 Mustang, Swedish Air Force - Airfix

Having had such a blast with the Airfix Spitfire, I felt like doing another one of these shake 'n' bake kits. Let's build a Mustang, which in the Swedish Air Force was called J 26 (J for Jakt, meaning hunter, or fighter). This is a level 1 kit, so it is for beginners, but it should be great fun!


Łukasz Gliński
Lovely, reminds me to start mine 😄
23 December 2021, 15:23
Moreno Baruffini
Idem, I have one for the Italian air force. Following!
23 December 2021, 15:49
Thomas Kolb
Welcome, gentlemen!
23 December 2021, 16:00
Roland Revolvermann
Count me in 👍
23 December 2021, 16:01
A swedish Mustang?? Following!!
23 December 2021, 20:00
Thomas Kolb
Got a bit stuck with this one as I was thinking of various ways to redo those trench-like Airfix panel lines, but I am resigning and will build it anyway, more or less OOTB.
29 December 2021, 22:34
Łukasz Gliński
You might want to try lighter washing later on to soften them a little bit. Tested it on my Frech Thunderjet and it seems to work.
Seriously considering joining you here with the same kit. 🙂
30 December 2021, 08:42
Andy Ball
I was going to ask, Thomas, whether the 'fix is the best P-51 in this scale?…..
30 December 2021, 08:45
Thomas Kolb
Łukasz, please do, that wiuld be fun!
Andy, I think these recent Airfix kits are great fun to build, and make a pretty decent scale replica without any third party additions. Also, while they don't exactly fall together, they provide just the right amount of challenges to overcome, which results in a most satisfying building experience. But as far as I know, the Tamiya is considered the most accurate Mustang kit in this scale.
30 December 2021, 13:35
Robert Podkoński
I'm in too, of course!
30 December 2021, 13:56
Łukasz Gliński
Where the hell have I stored it?
30 December 2021, 15:00
I agree with Thomas... Tamiya's Mustang "D" is the better in 1/72. I built the Academy one and it was fun and easy with very good fit, but then I wanted to have a better and accurate one... and Tamiya came to my stash. In my opinion the latest Airfix mold is the second best option for a P-51D in this scale.

Waiting the start with interest 😉
30 December 2021, 19:32
Mark K
Great idea! Looking forward to watching this.
30 December 2021, 20:23
Thomas Kolb
What a great way to start the new year: beginning with the cockpit. The seat is a little bit anemic and could have used a beefier back rest, but it will do. Too bad that the Yahu dashboard is completely hidden under that deep shroud, it really looks lovely.
1 January, 11:39
Bas Tonn
Following 👍
I really like this kit for having the flaps down option. Everybody is going nuts about kits with cockpit detail, but there are few kits with options for flaps and other control surfaces.
1 January, 11:39
Thomas Kolb
Bas Tonn, thanks mate! I fully agree, positionable control surfaces are a great way for a model to look a bit more alive. It is unfortunately quite unusual for these simpler kits.
1 January, 15:29
Looking good so far, Thomas 👍
1 January, 18:11
Ben M
Fun doesn't have to be complicated
1 January, 18:18
Moreno Baruffini
I totally agree with Ben!
1 January, 18:39
Thomas Kolb
Cuajete, Ben, Moreno, thank you! Absolutely so! I am definitely starting to love these small Airfix kits in the red boxes, they are super fun!
1 January, 19:17
Neil Patrick
I'm following too Thomas. Looking fabulous already!
1 January, 20:26
Jan Peters
Taking a seat and start watching 🙂
1 January, 21:47
Good progress, Thomas.
Maybe you can drill that styrene rods for the cannons. That's what I did in my Academy Mustang. I think I used the smallest drill I have (or the next one). You can see the result here:

P-51D "Red Tails" Project | Album by Cuajete (1:72)

2 January, 18:41
Thomas Kolb
Cuajete, holy crap, those are some intimidating cannons! I definitely need to find something better than plain styrene rods now... hypodermic needles would be great but they cannot be purchased over here without a prescription (y'know, heroin junkies and stuff).
2 January, 19:29
Thomas, it's my Beast Mustang!! 😄😄😄 I hope to the next seem more real 😛
If you can't get hypodermic needles, maybe you can get small metal tubes like these:


I don't know what the minimum size will be, but there will be something in somewhere. If not, I would try to pierce those styrene rods.
2 January, 20:03
Andy Ball
@Thomas, I could send you a couple of *unused*! insulin syringes if you'd like (for my sins, I am a pharmacist).
2 January, 21:03
Thomas Kolb
Cuajete & Andy, thank you my friends! I rummaged around in my model drawers and came across some 1 mm brass tubes, which I cut tiny pieces from to use for the wing cannons. Yes, they are definitely oversized, but don't look so bad in real life. Maybe I can later replace them to something a bit less girthy.
2 January, 21:38
Brass tubes looks better than styrene rods despite its diameter 🙂 👍
Good progress, Thomas!
3 January, 18:27
Łukasz Gliński
Joining you Thomas:
P-51D KM112 | Album by Woody (1:72)
3 January, 20:36
Łukasz Gliński
I have to admit the ones you've got already look like the Master's dedicated set 👍.
Thanks for your hints, will follow them carefully 🙂
3 January, 21:14
Thomas Kolb
Łukasz, you are most welcome! BTW, I ordered a set of Master gun barrels, so I will replace my oversized brass ones. I will also replace that rather simple seat to a resin one. But for now I also need to wait for a new bottle of primer, so this project is temporary slowing down a bit.
4 January, 11:16
Well done, Thomas 👍
4 January, 18:32
Thomas, Is it possible that you only need to correct with the brass rods two of the three cannons of each wing?

4 January, 21:19
Thomas Kolb
Cuajete, thank you for your tip, I will check when I get the set!
5 January, 10:59
Looking good so far, Thomas 👍
17 April, 10:16
Thomas Kolb
Cuajete thank you, I have just restarted this project after it having been sitting on the shelf for some weeks.
17 April, 11:58
Moreno Baruffini
I agree with Cuajete, great progress! As usual, a masterpiece! 👍🏻
17 April, 12:07
Gordon Sørensen
Great looking interior detail, Thomas. I have two of these kits in the stash, planing to one as an RNZAF machine and the other RCAF.
17 April, 12:09
Kyle DeHart
Looking great!
8 May, 10:54
Robin (WhiteGlint)
I'm tagging along. 🙂
Very nice idea with the styrene inside the wings. 👍
9 May, 10:26
Very detailed build log and great tips along the way. I also had problems with the fragile main landing gear. mine were also warped.
9 May, 10:55
Thomas Kolb
Dusting off and restarting after a few months of hiatus. Let's get this Mustang finished!
21 May, 14:55
Moreno Baruffini
I'm very happy! Los geht's!!!!
21 May, 16:02
Łukasz Gliński
Very glad to see you back! 👍
21 May, 18:13
I agree with mates 👍
21 May, 18:32


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