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Sergej I (Vargbrujo)

Scalemates 5th Generation, UAV, and Stealth Groupbuild 2021


Sergej I
Stash is on the way, trying to find some decent and not too expensive RAM masks...
8 January 2021, 06:52
Thank god the navy didn't give up its use of color on those jets, awesome subject! really looking forward to this one 👍
8 January 2021, 12:41
Slavo Hazucha
At least they got the make-up to look right..! 😄

Looking forward to your take at the GB as well as to see what the KH kit is worth - I saw the Meng box open, stuff looked all right in there, yet still no purchase followed...

Certainly not building the F-35 anytime soon myself, but happy to be a "loyal wingman" to your efforts!😉
8 January 2021, 16:20
Nathan Dempsey
Following for sure 🙂
8 January 2021, 17:28
Maciej Bellos
8 January 2021, 22:16
Sergej I
Mail call today... the thing in 48th scale is silly huge lol... like a big clad of plastic, who would want to spend all the paint on that! 😄
11 January 2021, 23:01
Ali Yulianto
Following! I have the KH F-35B and would love to see how the build on this one goes.
13 January 2021, 23:11
Roland Revolvermann
Count me in 👍
21 March 2021, 10:13
Slavo Hazucha
😄 Maciej - I haven´t seen the KH box specifically, but had a look at the Meng one in a store and thought - "oh, what a compact kit, is it really 48-scale?" 😄
21 March 2021, 13:01
Dionisios Klavdianos
Nice work mate! What colors did you use for the fuselage? Main color and raised panels?
26 April 2021, 06:51


Group Build

Scalemates 5th Generation, UAV, and Stealth Groupbuild 2021 in
Scalemates 5th Generation, UAV, and Stealth Groupbuild 2021
1. January until 31. December 2021

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