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Bill Newcomer (musclecarfan)


1970 El Camino Pro Street

The kit bashing begins. Components as follows:
1970 El Camino body Jimmy Flintstone (resin).
1968 El Camino chassis, interior tub, windows, rear bumper and tail lights.
1970 Monte Carlo engine, (correct for El Camino) front bumper, seats and dashboard.
1967 Pro Street Chevelle wheel tubs and Pro Street tires.
1970 Chevelle grille, head lights and SS stripes.

Tandem trailer fenders used as inner fenders.

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1:25 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (AMT/ERTL 31790)1:25 1970 Chevelle SS 396 (AMT 31217)1+


19. March 2019, 06:11
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Stephan H.
That´s going to be a mean one when finished. I´m in.
19. March 2019, 12:55
Bill Newcomer
Got the wheel tubs cut it but due to all the mismatched chassis parts, I am struggling with mocking it up. The front wheels have to be centered which locates the frame. The frame locates the floor pan and interior. The floor pan is too long needs to be cut to mate up with the rear wheel tub floor pan. I also still need to seriously modify the rear suspension. I just wish there was a way to temporarily glue stuff together for mock up. Masking tape isn't working very well.
21. March 2019, 06:35
Bob Hall
21. March 2019, 06:45
Stephan H.
:) you can do it !
23. March 2019, 13:56
Bill Newcomer
I was test fitting bumpers on my Jimmie Flintstone '70 El Camino when I ran into a problem. The '68 El Camino donor rear bumper is too wide (by a bunch). I then took out the ONLY rear bumper in my parts bin. A '69 Cougar rear bumper. After some carving, sanding and filing... It looks like it will work decently. (It also solved the problem of too many back up lights.)
26. March 2019, 04:29
Stephan H.
That cougar front grille reminds me of one el camino kit i saw online that comes with a "custom" grille with hidden headlights... That would be my take :) ! However nice too see the model "growing".
26. March 2019, 07:14
Bill Newcomer
Slowly but surely :)
27. March 2019, 07:02
Bill Newcomer
Visited another LHS while in Portland today. Picked up a bottle of Ford Blue for engine blocks and some Testors enamel thinner to help revitalize some ancient bottles of paint. The real treat was a CHROME Molotow paint pen. I viewed some YouTube videos on them and it looked impressive. I just used it on my Chevelle bumpers to touch up a rototool oops and some sprue scars. All I can say is WOW!!! The closest thing to vacuum metalized chrome I have ever seen. I choked a bit on the $13 price tag but the results are far better than ANY paint I have ever used. Does anyone who owns one know how long the pen lasts?
28. March 2019, 02:29
Bob Hall
I have few that been going strong for about 3 years now.
28. March 2019, 02:36
Bill Newcomer
Good. I was hoping they would not dry out in a few months time.
28. March 2019, 05:43
Bob Hall
They sell 3 different tip sizes and FYI Hobby Lobby sells them for 10 bucks,and if you use a 40% off Coupon you'll make out better.

Off topic, but your a car guy, You'll Appreciate this !
28. March 2019, 05:48
Bill Newcomer
Made some progress this evening. Got the grille and head lights to actually fit into the (to be red) '70 Chevelle. Did some more touch ups with my new amazing Molotow chrome pen. I also carefully carved out the Cowl Induction flapper door for one of the hoods. I have to figure out what I am going to make the door out of. The styrene chunk I removed is way too thick to be in scale. I also have decide about applying the stripes that run over it. I am still waiting for a warm enough day with low enough humidity to spray the bodies.
29. March 2019, 05:12
Just as a tip, you can buy a Liquid Chrome top-up jar. Now these things ain't cheap, but it's got an advantage. I have successfully airbrushed Molotow. I thinned it slightly with cellulose thinner. ALWAYS TEST ON A PIECE OF PLASTIC, before committing to the model. Molotow rocks!
29. March 2019, 19:27
Bill Newcomer
Had to work late today but I sprayed some white primer and gold base coats on some spoons. If the humidity stays low I will be able to shoot and select my colors for the red and brown Chevelles. I also have a Chevelle/El Camino photo etch sheet that I need to divvy up amongst the five Chevys. Stay tuned.
30. March 2019, 08:04
Bill Newcomer
Had nice weather so I did some spray paint layouts on some spoons. Of the two browns, one was more of a bronze but the Testors Root Beer Brown metallic lacquer was exactly what I was looking for. Of the 3 reds I tested. The medium red is the color of choice. Got 2 bodies painted and a 3rd in primer. The brown one turned out FANTASTIC!. The blue one got tons of dust and crap in it. I'll try sanding it, it may end up in the purple lake.
31. March 2019, 05:49
Brake fluid strips new paint in no time Bill
31. March 2019, 16:56
Bill Newcomer
More progress today. The El Camino floor pan has been trimmed and joined to the tubs. The red '70 Chevelle got color today and turned out pretty well. The blue '72 got most all of the dust and crap sanded out of it. The respray went surprisingly well, just a few bubbles on the drivers side C pillar. The color is gorgeous in the light. :)
1. April 2019, 05:04
Bill Newcomer
After 2-3 days of fabricating (which isn't my strong suit). I have made the front of the bed from 5 pieces including chunks from a Laborghini Countach dashboard. I also made the rear panel for the interior. The Jimmy Flinstone resin body comes with neither. The interior is going to be a mix of '68 El Camino and '70 Monte Carlo parts.
7. April 2019, 01:10
Bill Newcomer
Finally got the divider wall installed. I spent the last 2 days fitting the interior such that it will be happy with the windows. I still have to make a filler panel between the cowl and the base of the windshield. Then maybe I can paint it.
8. April 2019, 05:11
Bill Newcomer
Painted and mocked up the interior this weekend. Added touches with chrome Molotow pen.
22. April 2019, 03:01
Bill Newcomer
Selected the deep dish rims for the Elco. I have a whole box of wheels but not very many for tires this wide. I drilled out all 32 holes to make them more realistic. I plan on dressing up the plain, smooth centers with some spinners from my parts box.
25. May 2019, 20:06
Bob Hall
Tires look like they belong on the Space Shuttle ! WICKED !
25. May 2019, 21:33
Bill Newcomer
The cool thing is they FIT!
26. May 2019, 05:28
Bill Newcomer
The Chevelles are nearly done but not quite off of the bench yet. I had some more modeling motivation so I opened the ElCo again. Started converting car trailer fenders into front inner fenders. Fabbed some gap filler plates for the wheel tubs to the inside of the bed. I was almost done with the 2nd one when I broke it in half. GRRRRRR!
6. September 2019, 07:13
Bill Newcomer
I have been mostly succeeding in performing 1 task a day on the El Camino while I am building the 2 Freightliners. However, I have run into a snag. It seems I no longer possess the two front spindles for the suspension. No spindles = no front tires. I know I am asking for a needle from a haystack but does anyone have an AMT '68 El Camino that has been parted out? I am hoping to buy the spindles. Otherwise, I will have to spend 3-4 evenings fabricating them from scratch. Thanks
10. October 2019, 04:49
Bob Hall
You got a pic of what ya need ?
10. October 2019, 09:19
Chaz Gordon
Coming along nicely
10. October 2019, 11:08
Chaz Gordon
1 or 2mm aluminium rivets should work if you drill out the hubs
10. October 2019, 11:10
A piece of sprue in a cordless drill. The other end in a hole, in a vertical piece of wood. Slow speed and a small flat file, held at just the right tension. That's how I repair broken prop pins on my 1/72 planes.
10. October 2019, 21:55
11. October 2019, 00:30
Bob Hall
Here's the parts your looking for.
30. October 2019, 05:57
Bill Newcomer
Bob, Yes they are in there but for that price, I would rather simply fabricate them from sprue. I DO appreiciate finding the link for me. :)
30. October 2019, 06:28
Bob Hall
Too easy. Wasn't sure, but didn't forget you ! If I had them I'd give them to ya !
30. October 2019, 06:30
Bill Newcomer
Good news. A member from another forum was kind enough to mail me a set of spindles. Now I can make forward progress once I free up some time.
23. December 2019, 04:44

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