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Merkava 2D close up pictures


23 | 31. January, 06:34
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Thomas Wirsching
great texture effekt; may I ask how you did it?
31. January, 07:06
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, Thomas! For antislip I used great product from VMS . Antislip texture from them is very realistic and easy&fast to use
31. January, 07:23
Jan Peters
Beautifull Merkava, great anti skid texture and nice weathering
31. January, 08:15
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, Jan!
31. January, 08:16
Lex Jassies
I like the overall looks from this beautiful beast! Nice detail the touch of light green on the smoke dischargers
31. January, 08:27
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, Lex! I remember they are mostly grey, but also there were green one. And I decided that it will give nice contrast 🙂
31. January, 08:55
Top notch! Everything just fine. Never seen a more realistic antislip surface. Btw I remember American MBTs in the 80s with light green smoke dischargers.
31. January, 11:41
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, Neuling! This VMS stuff is great! Yes, also you can see on Magach pics same light green smoke dischargers 🙂
31. January, 11:45
the more i see it, more i like it.
2. February, 22:57
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, Spanjaard!
3. February, 05:43
did you add the anti-slippery texture? what technique did you use? it looks fantastic.
3. February, 14:19
Peter Smirnov
Spanjaard, I used VMS antislip texture. It's amazing, very easy and fast o use
3. February, 14:31
thanks a lot!
3. February, 14:36
Peter Smirnov
You are welcome 🙂
3. February, 14:52
Rui S
Very well done 👍
4. February, 00:31
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, Rui!
4. February, 05:29
Slavo Hazucha
That´s a remarkably well done surface! Excellent 👍
4. February, 06:42
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, Slavo 🙂
4. February, 07:04
Raphael Bernecole
Great !! Amazing work... I love it 🙂
4. February, 08:48
Palo M
Beautifully made!
4. February, 09:25
Whiskey Actual
Nicely done. Amazing texture detail!
4. February, 09:28
i have ordered the antislip texture from VMS, although I have the feeling that is just chinchilla sand in tiny bottles... curious to see what the adhesive is
4. February, 09:51
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, Raphael, Palo and Whiskey!
4. February, 10:34
Peter Smirnov
Spanjaard, I don't know what chinchilla sand is, but this set is great. Also it's enough for lots of models 🙂
4. February, 10:35
chinchilla is an animal, and they use very thin sand. easy to find in animal stores. for the price of a tiny bottle of VMS, you can get one or two kilos. also very good for dioramas and other uses, as far i have heard
see a picture i just googled
4. February, 12:17
but i have ordered one from VMS to test it anyway😉
4. February, 12:18
Very nice detailling and effects
4. February, 13:33
Peter Smirnov
Spanjaard, I knew what chinchilla is, but didn't knew there spacial sand for them 🙂 it's looks similar, but can't say for sure if it is the same, but I definitely gonna check it out for dioramas
4. February, 16:58
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, potez452 🙂
4. February, 16:58
ha ha ha, same here, actually. I found out about it after somebody told me he used it in a dio😉
4. February, 17:17
Peter Smirnov
We learn all the time 🙂
4. February, 20:57


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