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Ben M (uhrwerk)

Afghan SU-7BKL

OMAR Mine Museum, Kabul, Afghanistan


13 | 25. November 2020, 22:41
Pierre Vauthier
25. November 2020, 22:54
Alex K
Watching too... Not a great fan of jets, but I like exotic subjects (not to mention abandoned planes) like this one or your Indonesian Il-28... Thumbs up for your choices... 👍
26. November 2020, 03:05
Łukasz Gliński
Interesting. Pic #10 looks more like Su-20 btw.
26. November 2020, 11:04
Ben M
There is no pic #10 yet??

Latest discovery - the decals for the instrument panel are much larger than the instrument panel. Everything about this kit is kind of a WTF, the instructions are clearly wrong, no locating pins, lots of sinkholes, etc. I believe I picked it up because it was cheap, and a Sukhoi.
26. November 2020, 20:35
Maciej Bellos
Following. A KP is always a challenge but back in the day it was kind of the only way to get a decent eastern block subject.
26. November 2020, 20:41
Łukasz Gliński
Something went wrong, now it's number one :o
26. November 2020, 21:18
Ben M
Ah! It's just a similar paint scheme I found. Since the decals in this kit are ancient and yellowed, I looked for a prototype with no markings. I'll figure this kit out. When I was a kid I built a kp mig 15 uti. I recall much putty was required.
26. November 2020, 21:21
Ben M
I tried all this, hung them for a month in a south facing window, no change. I have realized that even with the micro scale stuff they simply don't fit. They are the wrong size - too big. It is hilarious.
28. November 2020, 02:09
Łukasz Gliński
It is nice indeed and worth a try. Sometimes the decals are too bad for it to work, but usually it helps. Just don't spray it if it's too thick (my case), it's hard to de-clog the airbrush afterwards.
2. December 2020, 08:23
Ben M
Hey KP why is it called a Fitter if nothing fits? 🙂

Did all the little external scoops and conduits, now time for major assembly.
9. January, 18:41
9. January, 19:21
Nikolaos Kouzinis
Good luck Ben
13. January, 17:35
Patrick Hagelstein
If it weren't for the beast of a kit, with that Afghan museum paint scheme, it would be a really cool model to build. I hope this heap of KP plastic is not giving you nightmares then. ;)
14. February, 06:55
Pierre Vauthier
you are managing to make out of this old kit a quite good result so far !
15. February, 05:18
Ben M
1:200 model finished as India Air Force 32 sqn "The Thunderbirds" 1982
27. February, 02:09
Ben M
Didn't turn out great but I learned a lot about airbrushing, trying to mix colors, masking and the total futility of trying to shoot thinned model color ????
12. March, 02:02


1:72 Suchoj Su-7 BKL (KP 25)

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