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Jens Andrée (Wizard)

Entwicklungsfahrzeug Sammlung
ALL tanks in the E-series from E-5 to the E-100

An E-series lineup of "all" available kits in 1/35 scale. Previously the E-100 Triplets project but it outgrew its name ;)
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Project summary

Title:Entwicklungsfahrzeug Sammlung
ALL tanks in the E-series from E-5 to the E-100
Status:In progress
Timeline:Started on October 25, 2017
Time spent:10

Project inventory

Full kits
1:35 E-100 (Amusing Hobby 35A015)
German Super Heavy Tank
E-100 Krupp Turret
Amusing Hobby 1:35
2017 | New tool


4. November 2017, 10:50
Jens Andrée
The build has started with the 35A015 and I've been trying to find a solid method to cut the slots in the muzzle break but so far I've got no solid method for cutting those 0.4 mm slots... I'm playing with hot-cutting the slots by attaching a scalpel blade to my soldering station and by etching a tiny brass cutting disc for my Dremel but I'm not ready to try on the real piece yet. The rest is built on the first model.
The E-100 Flakpanzer will be built as a GB in January and when that's done I'm building the Jagdpanzer.
I will do the lineup on a tiny diorama, but no figures, just a scenic lineup. Perhaps a crushed T-34 for scale? ;)
4. November 2017, 11:10
Sebastian Meyner
I'm curious to see some pictures of your progress
6. November 2017, 10:53
Udo Browarczik
count me in....
6. November 2017, 12:11
Jens Andrée
There will be pictures for sure but I hadn't thought of this triplet when I started the E-100 build so I didn't take any build pictures - but there will be plenty of "project pictures" when the other two models begin their assembly and the thinking process for the over all design of the lineup starts for real...
If done right it can look nice as a "small" vignette?! The Flakpanzer is part of a GB that starts in January so I can't start building that one yet, and I've promised myself to clear half of the "table of shame" before I begin with the Jagdpanzer so I'm fully focused on finishing all those "almost done" builds right now...

I will paint all three of them at the same time to ensure they've got the exact same tone and colours. Not the same pattern, but the same colours. That's how the current plan is anyway.

There is a possible continuation to this too and that is to do a more "complete" Entwicklung lineup covering E-5, E-10, E-25, E-50, E-75 and E-100. Many of the released kits are pure fantasy or imagination - many based on World of Tanks creations, but that's ok with me since most of these never left the proposal stage due to the end of WWII. If not it's a really good excuse to build even more scale models ;)
I built the E-25 yesterday with modifications to make it look more like the E-25 in WoT than on the box and I've seen kits available for most of the others in the Entwicklung range so I've kinda started that expansion already - but the initial focus is for the E-100 triplets!

If this lineup is done on a "factory" diorama/vignette it could look nice, but also with a bit of wear because the Germans protected their tank factories by simply using the tanks that were ready. It allows for some flexibility regarding weathering at least. I don't want to do them like brand spanking new, but still in context.

A friend recently bought a 40W laser cutter so I have the possibility to create whatever "factory" structures in a bit larger size without having to do all of it by hand. I hope I can boil things down to a decision in the next couple of weeks.

Cheers guys! :)
6. November 2017, 21:51
Jens Andrée
Just realised I've also got a Trumpeter 00384 E-100 in the stash so my triplet is looking like a quadruple ;)
Compared a couple sprues between the Amusing Hobby and the Trumpeter and some parts are near identical so perhaps someone copied the other? Who knows...
12. November 2017, 02:10
Jens Andrée
MAJOR update of this project! No more E-100 Triplets because it's evolved into the Entwicklungsfahrzeug Sammlung - A "complete" lineup of the E-series tanks from E-5 to the mighty E-100, and "all" variants! (I know there are two Flakpanzers I haven't included, but they will be added in the future... it's a beast of a build as it is already!)

Only snag is that I had to buy another Amusing Hobby A35015 E-100 in order to get my hands on the E-5, and this bundle was really expensive too, but the stash is now sorted! ;)
15. November 2017, 14:43
15. November 2017, 15:09
Sebastian Meyner
N-I-C-E !!!
15. November 2017, 15:09
Wim van der Luijt
well politically incorrect dad....count me in!
15. November 2017, 15:09
Jens Andrée
Ingo F - I omitted that Jagdpanzer E-100 on purpose because I think it's... well... ugly?!
But it's a god base for a custom/bash build for sure. I might add it OOB when I decide to add the E-50 & E-75 Flakpanzer? This is probably going to turn into the never ending project :P
15. November 2017, 17:42
Jens Andrée
Sebastian and Wim van der Luijt - cheers! :D
15. November 2017, 17:43
ISA Models
Great project, these E series prototypes at all so awesome. Enjoy the project! :)
19. November 2017, 10:39
Jens Andrée
Thank you Blaubar! Some say the E-series were inferior and that's why they never happened. My view is that the German war machine was too strained in 1944 and simply didn't dare changing direction with regards to their armour. Both the French and the Russian took a lot of design elements from the E-series when they begun building their post-WWII tanks and that's something! ;)

I have begun taking some pictures so I will soon add some to the album, but I'm mostly still in planning stage and don't want to start any major tasks before Christmas because this "little" project will take many hours to complete, and I will work on it full time until it's complete!

A friend with a laser cutter will help me to cut the details for the scenery so I can make a base and a backdrop in shape of the exterior of a "factory" as some sort of diorama to showcase the lineup... Lots of work - but all fun so I'm really enjoying this project for sure and it's a homage to the skilled German engineers who designed and built all the tanks they did!
19. November 2017, 13:19
Tim Heimer
I always said....think BIG and you my friend are!
19. November 2017, 13:43
Jens Andrée
Hahaha! :D
Cheers Timothy and yes, you are so correct!!! The bigger the better!
I'm also building the HobbyBoss 1/72 Dora in spring so I'm not deviating from thinking BIG! ;)
19. November 2017, 14:35