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Tobias B. (GranatenEddie)

Modern Russian Soldiers "Polite People" Zvezda

Very nice and cheap mould kit.

The figures are quite small comparing to other 1/35 figures from other companies like Master Box or Evolution Miniatures e.g. so you cant mix them!

Anyway i like it!


4 | 10. February 2017, 16:17
Well painted Tobias. I always struggle to get the skin colour looking natural, but yours is very good.
10. February 2017, 16:43
very nicely done. i like the idea of not painting faces 😄. the cat is also included? funny 🙂
10. February 2017, 17:58
Cristian L
These look great! May i ask how did you paint the flora camouflage? Thanks!
1. July 2020, 19:23
Tobias B.
Hi Cristian. I took a strong uncleaned brush and daped it carefully on the figures. after this i drywashed them. sorry for being late
28. January, 16:46
Rui S
Great figure painting 👍
28. January, 20:43
Konrad Limmer
Great figures👍!
28. January, 20:46
Cristian L
Thanks for the description, Tobias. And sorry for the late reply!
29. January, 09:52


1:35 "Polite People" (Zvezda 3665)

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