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Łukasz Bąk (Stojkovic)

Panzer I mit. Abwurfvorrichtung

Panzer I with demolition explosives on its back


1 | 12. October 2017, 18:13
Rui S
Count me in. Another Masterpiece, no doubt...
I'm pulling a chair and some beers😎
12. October 2017, 18:22
Łukasz Bąk
Thanks Rui, It is so nice to have such an audience 🙂
12. October 2017, 18:26
Rui S
Thx. I'm sure we will be very well accompanied😉
12. October 2017, 18:41
Rui S
Is it going to be just OOB?
12. October 2017, 22:13
Łukasz Bąk
Well Rui, I think it is good enough OOB. Magic Tracks are provided and there is not a real need of aftermarkets.
13. October 2017, 12:35
looking really nice Łukasz
11. November 2017, 10:00
Łukasz Bąk
Thanks a lot! Hope it will be a really good model.
11. November 2017, 11:15
23. November 2017, 19:43
Soeren .
Great work on this little kit.
The weathering looks spot on in my eyes😉
27. March 2018, 07:20
fantasti job. excellent final result Łukasz
just a question, forgive my ignorance... but what is that box suspended behind the tank? never seen anything like that 🙂
6. April 2018, 15:37
Great finish 👍
@Spanjaard: It is a big bada boom 😄 ( it is loaded with explosives)
6. April 2018, 16:33
thanks H K. and.... what did they do with it? turn around and drop it somewhere? i am really curious now.
6. April 2018, 16:49
i just went googling it... and it seems that that was exactly the purpose, drop it next to fortifications. interesting.
6. April 2018, 16:51
Rene Scheiblich
I'll just chime in here. That looks awesome! Clean build and very nice weathering. Those tiny leaflets in some corners are a nice touch 🙂
6. April 2018, 17:02
Tim C
Very nicely done!!
6. April 2018, 17:08


1:35 Pz.Kpfw.I mit Abwurfvorrichtung (Dragon 6480)No Infinity CRPlus 2 in 1 0.15 + 0.4mm V2.0 (Harder & Steenbeck 126544)No Worn Effects (AK Interactive AK 088)5+
Ladungsleger auf Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. B
3R Military Wehrmacht Heer (German Army 1935-1945)
1 Pz.Div.
Panzer grey

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