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Greg Baker (strobez)

The Secret of the Unicorn (Rackham's Pirate Ship)


17 12 March 2022, 07:43
Greg Baker
So, I've been planning a major Tintin project to convert a Heller 1/100 Soleil Royal into a 1/72 Unicorn. The thing that's been holding me back has been the price of the Royal… usually in the $300 plus shipping range. However, as luck would have it, this week I stumbled across a deal I couldn't pass up - a partially incomplete kit on sale from a clearance centre for $100 plus semi-reasonable shipping. After carefully studying the pictures, I discovered that the missing sprue is basically a bunch of tiny fiddly bits I'm unlikely to need considering the major changes I'd be making. Of course, that's still a pretty major project, but it inspired me to drag out the 1/110 Bounty that I'm going to turn into a 1/72 Red Rackham's pirate ship. I had a lot of fun building an 1/72 Arabian Dhow out of a 1/100 Niña… so let's give it a whirl!
12 March 2022, 07:52
Dietmar Bogatzki
Interesting project, taking a seat.
12 March 2022, 09:18
Erik De Smet
Ah, it was this that I saw on the back of your workbench, behind the Sunderland
12 March 2022, 11:17
Alec K
This will be BIG! Following for sure 👍
12 March 2022, 12:53
Yes I will take a front seat
12 March 2022, 13:37
Thomas Espe
Nice, taking a seat
14 March 2022, 21:59
Daniel Klink
Wow!! Taking a seat👍
14 March 2022, 22:01
Gary Kitchen
All aboard 👍
14 March 2022, 22:09
permission to come aboard captain!?
15 March 2022, 00:55
Ralf Topeters
Watching! 👍
15 March 2022, 12:21
Ben M
Will there be a shark sub…
15 March 2022, 12:23
Robert Podkoński
Watching for sure 😉
15 March 2022, 12:46
I'll 👀
15 March 2022, 12:49
Gareth Windsor
I'm pulling up a seat for this one.
15 March 2022, 13:24
Taking a seat before tickets are out 😛
15 March 2022, 20:04
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Oh, watching. 👀
I wonder how do you convert 1/100 to 1/72 scale?
15 March 2022, 20:20
Greg Baker
Heh, WhiteGlint... 😉

Youtube Video


Basically I'm mainly going to upsize some of the items on deck... cannons, steering wheel, etc. to make it more in-line with a 1/72 scale theme. Not much I can do about the decking/planking per se, but the size and shape of the hull are more or less correct relative to the size.
15 March 2022, 20:33
Ben M
Whiteglint you heat it over a flame and stretch by about 25%
15 March 2022, 22:34
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Haha, Ben. 😄 Simple, but ingenious 😉

Thanks Greg, I guess your 3D printer will probably come in handy for that. 🙂
16 March 2022, 09:15
Will be really interesting to follow this build
17 March 2022, 08:45
Greg Baker
Wow... put her next to the 1/100 Soleil Royal... and she seems to shrink quite a bit. Still, it looks like the size is about right (or as right as it's going to get). I'm still at the tape dry fit stage trying to decide in what direction I want to push past the point of no return. I'm thinking a) the masts are big enough and b) I should extend the solid railing all the way around the hull.
17 March 2022, 19:36
Alec K
The new deck looks excellent 👍
22 March 2022, 13:38

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