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Greg Baker (strobez)

AREA 88: SA 341 Gazelle


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interesting 🙂
29. April, 07:36
29. April, 07:42
Juergen Klinglhuber
🙂 great - you already started you new kit - I'm in
1. May, 07:22
Matthew A
Pop corn ready
1. May, 09:51
Erik De Smet
Following as usual
1. May, 13:51
1. May, 17:44
Laurent "HELLER-forever"
pensez à lester l'avant !
1. May, 17:45
Greg Baker
Merci Laurent~! Je n'ai pas oublié!
1. May, 18:29
Greg Baker
Merci Laurent~! Je n'ai pas oublier!
1. May, 18:34
Laurent "HELLER-forever"
cool , quelle version ? gb?
1. May, 20:04
Guy Rump
Looking good 👍
2. May, 09:34
Greg Baker
Cockpit finished. Not my greatest work, but it'll get the job done I think. Glueing the clear parts was a bit of a challenge. I had to shave the futon console and then prop the top of the side doors to get it to fit properly.
4. May, 05:48
4. May, 17:15
Nils Steyaert
looks good so far 👍
4. May, 18:48
Roland Gunslinger
Count me in.
Wasn't there a 144 nd scale helicopter? 😉
10. May, 21:39
Alec K
A chopper from Greg? I am in!
12. May, 13:30
Nice project!
12. May, 18:34
Dave Flitton
12. May, 21:18
Greg Baker
There we go. Basically done. Maybe just a quick coat of Future and a wash.
20. September, 04:27
maybe stating the obvious but... why did you remove the masking of the clear parts if planning to use future?
20. September, 08:26
Greg Baker
Ahhh… I can see why you might not be familiar with this technique. It's called "poor planning" and sometimes referred to as a "mistake". 😉
20. September, 15:04
Erik De Smet
I thought Future gives the canopy a brilliant shine and covers any scratch on it
20. September, 16:26
Greg Baker
It does if you dip it (which I did). If you spray it it has a tendency to create a bit of misting, unless, I guess, you spray it a whole lot!
20. September, 16:30
Daniel Klink
Looks ok to me Greg 👍
20. September, 18:33
I am sure it will be fine at the end. Dont you love when plans come together?
20. September, 19:19
22. September, 12:32
22. September, 12:44
Greg Baker
Thanks Laurent. It's nothing compared to yours though... 🙂
22. September, 22:33
John Thomas
More nice work
22. September, 23:47
Guy Rump
Very nice job 👍
23. September, 16:31
Roland Gunslinger
Really nice Greg 👍
23. September, 16:39
Laurent "HELLER-forever"
in french the canon is to right
23. September, 17:18
Bruce Huxtable
Unless it's a selfie 😉
23. September, 18:36
Greg Baker
Since this is based on the scene from the Area 88 manga, there are machine guns on both sides.
23. September, 18:47
Nice job, Greg 👍
25. September, 18:44


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