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Dominik Weitzer (Dominik)


1966 Pontiac GTO - Double Built

This is a memory built of Revells 1966 GTO.
They would be "Barrier Blue & Fontaine Blue"

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1:25 '66 Pontiac GTO (Revell 85-4479)


27. July 2019, 10:07
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Bill Newcomer
I will be following. I have a couple of these in my stash. I would like to know of any issues you encounter.
28. July 2019, 22:24
Dominik Weitzer
Thank you Bill. If there are any issues i'll tell it ;)
29. July 2019, 05:41
Bob Hall
Oh yes ! One of my Favorite GM's ever !
29. July 2019, 06:08
Dominik Weitzer
Thank you Bob .

I've assambled the interior. It fits well.
The wooddecor decal is reeeeeally tricky....needed a lot of softener.
One tricky point is the clusters. It will not fit on mine. That means, perhaps widening the holes a little bit. I'll try it by the second one I will build in future.

Note: look at the manual: it's part 103 with the decal glued on and to mount from the backside.
29. July 2019, 11:01
Dominik Weitzer
Some update.

two Points (see attached pictures above) to take a closer look.
Its the fitting of the Hood - in my opinion it is too wide. I was not sure if i get Trouble after paintig with closing it. A Little bit of sanding and it works.
Also a spot on the C-Pillar on both sides. More i've not seen till yet.
In the meanwhile, i scratched the columns for more depth effect.
and now? up to the paintjob!
30. July 2019, 10:49
Bill Newcomer
Thanks for the notes. When you are done I will write them down and put them in the box.
30. July 2019, 15:06
Nice subject, proper fast cars
31. July 2019, 12:54
Dominik Weitzer
You're welcome!

I've completed the chassis. It fitted very well, nothing unusual :) , also the wheels. Perfect till yet.
Up to the paintjob for the body .
31. July 2019, 13:21
István Szücs
What color will you use for the body? I also build a goat, I didn't choose its color. It's not simple, because I choose red wheel wells.
1. August 2019, 10:14
Dominik Weitzer
István, imo, it doesn't matter matching the red lines to the body color. The wheels are so nice, the fit to all delivered color for this GTO.

2. August 2019, 13:18
Dominik Weitzer
Painted the body in blue. Not really well, have a lot of "grinding tracks" (where ever they are from) on the roof. after the second layer of prime and paint they are still there.
I do not understand, I still have somehow to separate the paints.
After the holidays :-D
2. August 2019, 13:24
István Szücs
Dominik: not the red line on the tire- the wells inside the body. Look at this picture: [img1]

That's what I talkin' about.
5. August 2019, 14:38
Ahh yeah I get ya! A couple of GM manufacturers painted the bolt in inner fenders of some A bodies red,
One was Buick & the other Pontiac, there was no great importance to it other than it signified a performance model, GTO, GS-X to name but 2.
Other notable Americans that spotted red inner fenders included the great Dusenberg, as if the Model J wasn't dramatic enough already!
I am not an anorak or have a huge beard ;)
5. August 2019, 15:19
Dominik Weitzer
Ah, get the point!
Yes, they painted the wheel houses red. I'll do that, just searching for a matching color. I have a GM-licensed 1/18 die cast that I choose as reference. Thanks for the notice, appreciate it.
After my holidays I work on it.
5. August 2019, 22:34
Bob Hall
This was an Option for 66-67, but not a popular one and a short lived one at that.
5. August 2019, 23:13
Dominik Weitzer
Thanks mates ;)

Last days, I started a second GTO. It is quite simple afterr the first start. Progress like the first...and so the chassis and interior is completed - done.

After my holidays I'll start painting both body's (new try for Barrier B., second will be Fontaine Blue) and work on the engine.
8. August 2019, 06:51
Christian W
Look at this! I didn't catch, that you have a project / album here! Well done so far. I'm sure, it will turn out awesom ;) You could show your AMG-project here too.
29. August 2019, 06:24
Christian W
Did you do the carpets by your own? This is a neat detail. To the instrument cluster: maybe it is the thick chrome layer on the cluster, what it makes tight.
The Dashboards are looking so nice. I thought they belong to the 1/18 GTO.
29. August 2019, 06:29
Dominik Weitzer
Thank you!
the Instrument cluster is made of clear plastic ;)

I don't know where to Show the's no Kit to build so far, you know? 1/18 Diecast
29. August 2019, 11:55
Dominik Weitzer
Here we go.
The barrier blue GTO is waiting for clear coat and chrome. After two layers of paint and more wet sanding, I' fine with the result .

The second GTO made more work. After the first primer and paint (Fontain Blue), it was completely a bad result. Faster I could make pictures from the totally fail, I stripped the body and started new.
Same scretches after basecoat...its a miracle - because I always use the same paint since years.
O.k., that only means, I have to sand it more than expected.

Last thing. Both engines are painted and ready for wiring.
29. August 2019, 20:04
Christian W
You can do it :D!
30. August 2019, 05:14
Bill Newcomer
So far so good! Keep up the good work.
30. August 2019, 05:57
Bob Hall
Fabulous ! Looking great ! There is your next rainbow of models's Bill ! I'd love to see your spin on a GTO rainbow to go with your Mopars and Chevelles.
30. August 2019, 07:40
Dominik Weitzer
Thanks mates :)

One success. 2nd GTO became first paint - no issues , worked perfect with new paint.
And I started wiring the engine parts.
2. September 2019, 19:27
Christian W
Super! It's a long time when I put some wiring into a model kit.

I'm looking forward to see both together :) The colors looking nice. I like the fountain blue a little better. It is the lighter one, isn't it?
2. September 2019, 21:15
Bill Newcomer
Bob, I could do a rainbow of GTOs. I have every year except '71(Looks just like a '72), '73 (Colonnade) and '74 (Ventura)
3. September 2019, 06:35
Dominik Weitzer
you're Right Bro. i like the (lighter) Fontaine blue also more than the Barrier blue. Both will be Pretty cool and nice of Course. I should built mine in "Martinique bronze" too.

That sounds cool Bill!
3. September 2019, 06:53
Bob Hall
Or even top it off with the 2004, it was a beast too.
3. September 2019, 07:01
Dominik Weitzer
Well...fuellines and Throttle on the engine is done. also the brakeline on the Booster.

Made the first lyer of clear coat on the bodies...have to repaint the Roof form the "Fontain Blue" because of paintshadows *grmpf*
5. September 2019, 06:43
Bill Newcomer
I love the detail with the lines. I have only done ignition wires in some of my builds.
6. September 2019, 14:23
Dominik Weitzer
Made somes progress...engine is installed, completed the hoses for the heater and completed the disributor . I like it.
And both bodies became the next layer of clear coat.
10. September 2019, 09:08
Christian W
Show me pics :D You know: Zeig mir pics oder ich glaub dir nix *lol*!

Saw them on the weekend and was pretty excited. The look fabolous. You awaked the "I want one model kit too!". The model kit looks very good.
10. September 2019, 10:54
Dominik Weitzer
Little update. Installed the distributor in the correct firing order . Now up to the body :)
14. September 2019, 09:25
Dominik Weitzer
Here it is. BMF is done on both (wheelhousetrim will follow) - I "hate" this work. Long long time ago I made this, but it worked well after some starting faults.
After that, I washed the bodies and gave them the final layer of clear coat. Hope so...
20. September 2019, 21:33
Excellent work! Those Tri-Power 400's look great
20. September 2019, 22:03
21. September 2019, 10:31
Dominik Weitzer
Now, decals on both are done and they got the final layer of clear coat. I'm really really pleased with the result. I'll let it dry some days and will start to complete the body's for the marriage.
26. September 2019, 19:50
Bill Newcomer
May I suggest, be very patient. Leave the finished body alone as long as you can stand it. Fingerprints and other marks in the eventual finished product are very disappointing. Let it cure undisturbed.
27. September 2019, 07:26
Bob Hall
Always the best way to go, Bill !
27. September 2019, 08:45
I don't know how you guys do it!
I've never had any patience, I was born with none & it's got worse as I've got older.
I actually OWE the world patience now
27. September 2019, 08:51
Bob Hall
My job helps with that little perk ! LOL !
27. September 2019, 08:59
Christian W
Here too. A lot of stupid guys around you will teach you patience *lol*. I do it the same way - even it is touch to wait for the finish. I let the body's sit for a couple days to be sure, they are dry enough to be handled.
It's never easy to wait some days. The allure is the last challenge to be won.
27. September 2019, 19:29
Dominik Weitzer
Thanks very much mates! much appreciated. I think, today i'll start with the headliner and rubber on the windowframes. i grabbed the bodies yesturday and they look fine . but reeeeeally carefully!
30. September 2019, 06:28
Dominik Weitzer
a good day today.
i was painting the headliner and Rubbers on the Windows and made some fittingtests on the barrier blue.
Mates, that kit goes so well together - everything snaps on place where it should be. I'm really pleased with this kit. It is IMRESSIVE, how it fits! Well done, Revell, well done.
So i made no Pictures from the Progress at the barrierblue, but there is the Fontaine blue to see the steps.
i installed the Windows, the Firewall and the frontend with the cooler.

after that, put in the Interieur - i didn't glued the Dashboard!
because the Interieur can slip more into the body up, that the chassis will sit perfect at the end. the sidepanels from the interieur have about 2mm tolerance from the wideness on the front, where the dash should be gued at. so where to glue the dashboard correct? thats why i let it without glue and put the interior in. Look at the last two Pictures ;)
4. October 2019, 08:17
Bill Newcomer
Your engine detail with all the hoses and cables is AWESOME! I have 2 suggestions to add just a bit more realism. Paint the inside of the inner fenders semi-gloss black and scuff the treads of the tires on sandpaper to remove the molding parting line and gloss from the treads.
4. October 2019, 14:39
Dominik Weitzer
Thanks Bill! Thank you for your suggestions - i appreciate it! On this ones, it had to look brandnew. it means, that the tires will be as is.
if they were for my own use, i'll make the whole car a Little bit used.

So, i started completing.
As seen at the updated Pictures, the frontend will not fit perfect. i had to thin out the "nose" on both cars. after that, the fit perfect. on my next builds of this really awesome kit i'll keep that in mind before painting the Body.
Also the rear Bumper will not fit with that Pins in the holes. i cutted them and done.

At last? Both are ready, finish line arrived yesturday. I've made no Pictures yet.
I'm really really proud of them - no fingertips, no gluepoint while assembling the door handles, whipers or mirrors...Nothing happend! I had a good day ;) .
7. October 2019, 15:27
7. October 2019, 20:04
Christian W
Hopefully the bumpers are tight and strong for the shipping ;)
7. October 2019, 20:06
Dominik Weitzer
So, what's going on?
I thought, I was ready with both. But!
To keep in mind, those two GTOs are memory builts and have to match to the original...
I sent the "teaser" to my owner...and...yes, that were bad news...I made a biiiiiiig mistake.
The GTOs had no trimlines (stripes?) - holy moly...a punch in my stomach. On the original picture, this thought "stripe" is only the reflection of the light. Wow, that was...stupid from my side.

Note: decals oversprayed with clear coat, not removable.
So, what's to do? Completely new build - no, no time.
New body? No...more will be destroyed than helping this process. They are really really strong glued...

The last chance - see the last pictures.
... I masked like a king (no parts removable) and painted the whole sides with base color. clear coat will follow. In the meantime, it seems the operation on the barrier blue is successful, i go on the Fontaineblue GTO to the same process.
I.think, it will come fine. Keep the fingers crossed.
14. October 2019, 18:28
Christian W
I'll keep my fingers crossed until it hurts!

I saw both last weekend and the look awesome! I was afraid to touch them. If they'd mine, .... Man, they look so good.

I hope badly, your plan will work.
14. October 2019, 19:49
I think you've pulled off a master stroke there my friend ;)!
14. October 2019, 20:21
good luck!!!! they look great, hope the fix works! fingers crossed!!!
14. October 2019, 21:36
Chaz Gordon
Very nice work. Nice to hear a revell kit with good fit, I've built a lot of the Old revell kits, and fit not so great. I have a few trucks to work out how to hinge the hood correctly.

What brands of paint are you using? most of mine are ranges designed for Military kits and metallic choice is not so great, looking for some nice metallics for my Trucks.
14. October 2019, 21:58
Dominik Weitzer
Thank you mates for your Attention and cheering-up.
I've just painted the left side of the BB (BB = BarrierBlue vs FB = FontaineBlue) with clearcoat and i'm really pleased with the result. In the evening i go to the left side and think it is done.

liked to upload a Picture in Progress (taped)...didn't work so far. Always get Errors...

@chaz: the kit is amazing. it made so fun to built that i've just ordered two more for me to build. love it!
for the paint, i use spray cans. those paintes are used for real cars, i',m not familiar with the airbrush to paint complete models. I'm a spray-can-guy :-D .
I take products from "Kwasny" K-Racing for primer, black gloss / flat and clear coat. If i Need filler, i take one from Prisma Color.
They work well together, i order it online (eBay or Amazon).

the base paints or metallic for Bodys i have to choose where i can get the original paintcodes. normally they are from Multona or Dupli-Color.
I will attache a Picture...if it works...
15. October 2019, 08:57
Dominik, I use automotive paints for the bigger scales like 1/6 1/8 etc but it's usually too thick & heavy for 1/24.
For those I use Tamiya sprays, I find them really good.
I've just started using an airbrush again after a 35 year break & i dont know why I left it so long, it's the way to go ;)
15. October 2019, 09:11
Chaz Gordon
Airbrush is definitely the way to go, I tried rattle can primer and instantly regret it, Thought I was saving money, right up until I covered a whole model with just 2ml of Vallejo airbrush primer! The only trouble is I went too good too fast, and got an nice iwata TR0, now I'm spoiled and have to buy another one (TR/TRN 2) for wider area coverage for clear coats and such. At least I have the initial cheap brushes for primer work
15. October 2019, 15:37
Dominik Weitzer
I agree to use an airbrush or tamiya paint. But for me it is not so easy to change my hole processes / routine...

What's done now? Both GTO are painted new on the sides. I'm fine with the first result. Even if you know, there were stripes before, you'll see them in special angles. That tells me, I will do that procedures once again.
I will wet sanding the sides and give a new layer of paint.
20. October 2019, 07:48
Christian W
That looks good!
20. October 2019, 14:22
Dominik Weitzer
Hurrah,...I call both done. Sanding and Overpainting the trimlines worked. It was a challenge to paint only the sides, but at the end I hit the goal. Stripes are gone, they're looking really good .
29. October 2019, 20:09
Christian W
30. October 2019, 07:19
excellent final result!
30. October 2019, 13:48

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