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Manic Dragon
Andrea Morris (Manic Dragon)

DAK In The Desert

My first FoG Models plaster kit with accompanying wooden boxes and wooden cable drums



On hold
1:35 Hanomag Sd.Kfz. 251/1 (Tamiya 35020)1:35 North African House (Fields of Glory FoG5063)1:35 Boxes Stowage Pack (Fields of Glory FoG5080)8+


1 | 27. April 2018, 19:25
Andrea Morris
My first FoG Models plaster kit with accompanying wooden boxes. I made a total hash of building it, but with a lot of epoxy and filler it came out just about OK!
27. April 2018, 19:32
Looks fantastic!
27. April 2018, 20:01
Peter Hardy
Like where you are going with this Dave.
27. April 2018, 23:17
Andrea Morris
Thanks guys :) @Peter Stay tuned mate, it's for an up-coming dio! :)
28. April 2018, 12:36
Peter Hardy
Glued to my seat Dave!
28. April 2018, 21:01
i will not miss that dio :)
4. July 2020, 23:21
Andrea Morris
Errr... It's been cooking for some time! I can't put it off much longer as I now have all the many pieces needed. I hope @Peter Hardy didn't really glue him self to his seat or else he has been there for two years!!! :)
4. July 2020, 23:41
Peter is a very patient man :)
5. July 2020, 07:25
Peter Hardy
Bored out of my wits but patient none the less.
5. July 2020, 09:29
Andrea Morris
ROFLOL I thank you all for your considerable forbearance :) I am practising using the "hairy stick" for the figures but at the moment my donkey looks more like a German Shepard!!!
5. July 2020, 11:36
Andrea Morris
Tamiya's "Tent Set" is assembled, primed & received a base coat. The plaster barrel has been primed and had a base coat of "Natural Wood". And the "Dragons Teeth" have had a base coat & some high/low lights added.
9. July 2020, 10:30
Peter Hardy
Dave, do me a favour and count the things on your bench you should have put away because you have finished using them.
9. July 2020, 22:20
Andrea Morris
@Peter Errr that would be none! A place for everything & everything in its place :) :) I'm calling the barrel finished as I am happy with the look. The "Dragon's Teeth" require some more weathering.
19. July 2020, 14:16

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