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Peter Schmitt (pope1701)


I wanted to build something different than all my Euro-White airliners, so my eye fell on this Tupolev in the current Aeroflot livery. I love the aluminum/blue paint.

The kit is really good and almost fell together, the fit was superb - except the cockpit piece which needed a bit of work, but nowhere near as much as for example my Revell Airbusses. It lacks a bit in detail for my taste - it has no antennae or position lights modelled and the panel lines are too shallow for a good pin wash. All in all one of the best airliner kits I had so far. And yes, the wings really go down a bit on this one...

Comments and critique welcome!



1:144 Tu-154M (Zvezda 7004)
Tupolev Tu-154M Careless
RU Civil Aeroflot (1923-now)


16. February 2020, 16:02
Thomas Bischoff
Looks good!
16. February 2020, 16:11
I agree with Thomas. Clean and beautiful colours.
16. February 2020, 17:43
18. February 2020, 02:22
How do you keep the numerous windows on the sides clean? Do you mask the windows, or, do you first paint the area around every windows on both halves, and then, glue the windows in and the two halves together, and then airbrush the rest?
18. February 2020, 07:20
Chris Greathouse
Beautiful skills, amazing plane :D
18. February 2020, 07:25
Peter Schmitt
Thanks, all!

@Treehugger I bought a masking kit for the cockpit and the cabin windows. 98 masks in total, not counting the livery curves.
18. February 2020, 11:58
Nathan Dempsey
Nice work. The paint & decals came out really well.
18. February 2020, 16:44
Ben M
Very nice airliner!
18. February 2020, 17:23
Ah, yes, assuming the masking parts are perfectly shaped and sized, I can see now how such aftermarket masking part would be very helpful. :)
18. February 2020, 17:31
Dave Flitton
Ooooooooh, shiny!
18. February 2020, 18:25

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