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Didier Chartrain (Aerodid)

Mirage IV A - Heller - 1/48

Hi guys, this is my Mirage IV A, from Heller.
This kit is more than 40 years old (1979) and has raised panel, therefore i'had to sand it entirely and re-scribe it.
For this i'used the Upnorth scribing set, which is very useful for this job.
Much needed is also to replace a few thing with some after market stuff, to try to bring this kit to a decent level :
- cockpit from "Neomega"
- refueling probe from "Master"
- Exhaust nozzle from "AML"
- decals from "upnorth". Note, that for both Upnorth product, the notice is full of flaw, which really annoying.
Eventually, that makes this kit difficult to bring to a decent quality, like you would expect from a Tamigawa kit. On the other hand, it's the only way to have a 1/48 model of the Mirage IV , which is, for sure, the nicest plane that ever comes out of the Dassault design office.
This Mirage IV is carrying the french atomic bomb AN22 (70 kT from Plutonium fission....).
Thanks for looking.



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1:48 AMD Mirage IV A (Heller 596)


6 | 7. August 2020, 17:16
Thomas Hopfensperger
Didier! Its a shame nobody commented: This is a GREAT Mirage! :)
7. August 2020, 17:37
Didier Chartrain
Thanks a lot Thomas.
7. August 2020, 18:01
Tom M

very nice plane
7. August 2020, 18:02
Mark D
Great work, I could once buy one with the external jet pack, it looked like a lot of work to get a decent IV and passed, but you have done a very nice job with this one. I've always liked the big silhouette of this Mirage.
7. August 2020, 18:11
Patrick Hagelstein
Wait a minute Thomas, Oklahoma is 7 hours behind and I only just now opened Scalemates. ;) This is the first Oklahoman comment: Absolutely stunning!!!!!! :o
7. August 2020, 18:32
Patrick Hagelstein
Amazing job on the rescribing, very clean and straight.
7. August 2020, 18:33
Nathan Dempsey
I don't know how I missed this build. Inspirational :) Beautiful work on the rescribing!
7. August 2020, 23:41
Mike Grant
8. August 2020, 00:26

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