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Derek Jordan (theplasticadvocate)

Pierre Clostermann's Hawker Tempest Mk. V


very nice result!
25 July 2017, 21:35
Derek Jordan
Thank you!
25 July 2017, 22:04
Alec K
Wow, fantastic work and photography. The guys at Special Hobby are really proud of this kit, and you made it shine 👍
25 July 2017, 22:31
Derek Jordan
Alex, thanks for the compliments. I'm very pleased but also happy it is over. I don't know how to describe the kit without coming across overly critical. Some of it was great, some of it was just...bad. The shape and detail are beautiful. The engineering in places is terrible. The wheel bays are simply atrocious and can throw the whole wing out of alignment (the instructions in mine were even wrong). I think the best solution would be a resin wheel bay insert. That's the biggest problem, though there are many more minor issues, at least comparatively. I guess the best way to describe the kit would be to think of modern level surface detail with 1960s Monogram fit. Or, to quote a friend "it's the best worst kit I've ever built". That said, it's an adventure to build (took me over ten weeks), and with lots if effort builds into a fabulous representation of the Tempest.
25 July 2017, 23:28
Derek Jordan
Thanks James!!
25 July 2017, 23:37
Gareth Windsor
Your hard work paid off Derek. Looks wonderful, well done.
26 July 2017, 02:11
Mats Bengtsson
Stunning result Derek. Well done 👍
26 July 2017, 11:55
Erik Leijdens
Fantastic job👍
26 July 2017, 16:17
Moritz Fentzahn
Very nice work with an awesome paintjob. 👍. Makes me a little upset to hear that the fit is not that good. So I am still not sure if I should buy that kit
26 July 2017, 16:29
Glenn (.)
Great Job great finish!
26 July 2017, 17:44
Urban Gardini
Stunning work mate!
26 July 2017, 20:03
Roland Sachsenhofer
A real great model! Wonderful! I like how subtle you worked with the various preshading under the camo!
26 July 2017, 20:18
Derek Jordan
Thanks everyone. You certainly flatter me!
26 July 2017, 21:47
Gerald Willing
Well done 😉
26 July 2017, 23:29
Stephan Ryll
Fantastic work 👍
27 July 2017, 19:06
Clifford Keesler
Wonderful job! How did I miss this one.
10 October 2017, 21:07
Derek Jordan
Thanks Cliff!
11 October 2017, 20:49


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1:32 Tempest Mk.V "Hi-Tech" (Special Hobby SH32052)

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