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Luis Alvarez (lalvarezmex)

M3 Stuart Late Production


14 4 May 2021, 23:58
Ben M
Nice looking Stuart. You should rotate the pics to be upright.
5 May 2021, 00:36
Luis Alvarez
Yeap, I was in a hurry yesterday but I'll fix that ASAP.
5 May 2021, 14:22
Ben M
Very nice!
6 May 2021, 00:04
Looks good. I like the details and the metal effect.
6 May 2021, 07:49
Rui S
Nice work 👍
6 May 2021, 23:01
Andrea Morris
Pic #3 is upside down and maybe next time you could put the pictures in build/sequence order. With that out of the way, I tip my hat to you on a great build. I'm very impressed with the weathering. Two questions, did the PE come with the kit if not what is it and where did you get the barrels?
7 May 2021, 10:47
Brian Eberle
Well done! I am working on the same build now. Basepaint applied. Moving on to decals and weathering. I hope to achieve results similar to yours. Very realistic weathering!!
7 May 2021, 11:15
Luis Alvarez
Thank you for your nice comments. The MG barrels were from three sources which I'm updating in the project's inventory. I did not use turned aluminum gun barrel because the one provided with the model was much better looking.. I think it is slide-molded.
8 May 2021, 04:14
Luis Alvarez
All the PE used in this project was from ET Model. However, I just don't like simulated grills! the turret hatches and engine doors handles were made from copper wire. The antena was from a broken guitar string. The tow cable was made from copper .... cable.
8 May 2021, 04:19
Luis Alvarez
I was a bit disappointed with the kit's decals as only one set covered my project subject. Besides, I thought that yellow was too bright for a sun-exposed vehicle. So, I made or painted all markings including the yellow band around the turret. I also added some notorious foundry markings which show in many M3 photographs.
8 May 2021, 04:25
Luis Alvarez
I had a lot of fun building this kit. It is accurate and the fitting is superb! Probably I'll make another one with interiors sometime in the future.
8 May 2021, 04:28


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