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Alistair Graham (aligraham)

Revell Tornado GR.4

Added the Aires MK10a ejector seats and intend to replace the wheels with the Eduard set.


Dale Marston
Looking good so far.
18 January 2017, 13:38
Alistair Graham
The only additions so far to this kit are the Aires ejection seats. The Main wheels are bad and look more like F1 slicks, so i'm going to order the Eduard replacements. I also want to now add some GP bombs so will have to procure some. There appears to be an issue with the inner pylons which seem to be too far back on the wing. When i try to fit the AIM9 the fins are going to foul on the flaps. The engraved detail is far to heavy on the horizontal stabilisers and too faint elsewhere, I am not bothered about re-scribing the detail but perfectionists will want to do this. The other issue i have found is that the nose cone to fuselage fit is poor and it would seem that the colour demarcation should be at the next vertical panel line on the fuselage, however if i did this the bad fitting seam of the nose cone would be very obvious so i have left it at the cone to fuselage interface. Major reshaping would have to be done to correct the nose to fuselage resulting in a lot of lost detail.
18 January 2017, 13:42
In spite of the problems you have encountered with the kit, you seem to be doing and excellent job so far Alistair.
18 January 2017, 16:30
Christian Ristits
Like it very much, great work!
18 January 2017, 16:37
Ivan VT
Ohh Nice! I thought that would be worst after read you, but is very good indeed. Nice job. Now waiting for those wheels. Very cool
18 January 2017, 18:01
Alistair Graham
I dirtier the plane up a little using oil paints. I've not had much experience of that but done it on armour a few times.
18 January 2017, 18:20
Michael Phillips
Outstanding job! This is going to be one very nice GR4!
18 January 2017, 19:13
Alistair Graham
Thanks Michael. It has many mistakes and as usual I'm never happy. My photography hobby is the same, I get lots of praise but I'm never fully satisfied it's as good as it can be. With models I don't go into depth of detail, I don't have time. But a few additions like nice seats are worth the effort.
18 January 2017, 20:08
Ed Froix
18 January 2017, 21:07
Alistair Graham
I've been working on the model tonight - throw away the pitot tube and find a replacement it will spoil the model. grrrr
18 January 2017, 22:10
Oliver Petrosino
excellent job! Have this kit in stash, you did a very good job!
20 January 2017, 08:16
Alistair Graham
Thank you for the encouragement Oliver. I have been finishing off some minor details. Before starting your model read the Britmodeller forum about the nose and tail issues. I wish now i had tried to fill sand and blend the nose and then make the colour demarcation further towards the cockpit as it should be. A bit late for me now. Another tip to anyone doing this kit is to paint the fairing with the 95th anniversary decal on it red and dont try and use the full decal as its difficult to get it to conform around the fairing. Best cut a rectangular area around the text and fit it.
20 January 2017, 14:42
Oliver Petrosino
Ok, thank you for the info!
20 January 2017, 15:03
Alistair Graham
New Eduard Brassin wheels arrived this morning, also i opted for a replacement Pitot from Master.
23 January 2017, 13:41
Ivan VT

26 January 2017, 21:33
Dale Marston
Looking good Alistair👍
27 January 2017, 06:09
Alistair Graham
Thanks guys. It's 'almost' finished now. Just need a decent weapons load for under fuselage
27 January 2017, 14:48
Alistair Graham
Finally added some Paveway bombs from Flightpath and sprayed some Tamiya smoke on the fin to represent the reverse thrust exhaust marking often seen on Tornados.
1 April 2017, 09:36
Palo G
Very nice Tornado 🙂
20 July 2017, 14:02
Alistair Graham
Thanks Palo
20 July 2017, 15:04
Alistair Graham
Thanks, I still have to make a small aerial which disappeared into another dimension.
26 July 2017, 17:25
Glenn (.)
Oh that's NICE! 🙂
26 July 2017, 17:42
Scott Dutton
Beautiful job, nice markings
27 July 2017, 21:39
Mike Daniels
Very good.
28 July 2017, 08:26


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1:48 Tornado GR.4 (Revell 04924)1:48 Martin Baker Mk.10A ejection seats (Aires 4499)1:48 Panavia Tornado Pitot Tube & Angle Of Attack probes (Master AM-48-032)2+

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