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Mats Bengtsson (Mafbe)

Hellcat 1:24 - The cockpit


1 | 15. July 2019, 18:09
Paul Juliano
Please allow me to be the first to pull up a chair to see this big boy get built!
15. July 2019, 18:22
Urban Gardini
Looking great mate!
15. July 2019, 18:42
Maciej Bellos
A very big cat. I am in it for the ride!
15. July 2019, 21:00
Mats Bengtsson
Thank you very much mates, you are all welcome to join the build 🙂 Next step is to put some green colour on that cockpit.
16. July 2019, 09:25
Urban Gardini
I saw this earlier about the cockpit colours on the Hellcat!

For those building the Airfix Hellcat a few words on interior colours with links in here https://brexitmodeller.com/…/t…/3136-grumman-f6f-5-hellcat/…

All interior on the - 5 apart from the wheel Wells and Cockpit is zinc chromate yellow not interior green. For the USS Randolph, French option or any sea blue Fleet Air Arm aircraft the Cockpit is interior green below the side consoles with flat black above. Basically any us hellcat bu no. 80000 plus. The box FAA aircraft and "paper doll" will have all interior green Cockpit. bu no. 95000 onwards will have black cowling panels otherwise zinc chromate yellow or green. No - 5's were painted grumman grey and no bronze green was used in the Cockpit. As far as wheel Wells go for exterior colour however if wheels or undercarriage legs were refurbished they may be in aluminium lacquer. No rear fuselage interiors were painted interior green.
16. July 2019, 09:45
Gareth Windsor
Well I will just pull up a seat here. I've got a few Hellcats in the stash including this one. Nice start.
16. July 2019, 10:24
Stephan Ryll
Just arrived to take a seat here Mats 🙂 very nice start 👍
16. July 2019, 16:38
Björn Svedberg
I'm planning on building this soon too, so I'll grab a chair and do some spying.😉 Nice start! 👍
16. July 2019, 17:02
Mats Bengtsson
Thank you very much mates 🙂

Thanks for the link and information Urban. I'll go for interior green this one (the MkII option). For anyone building the F6F I can also highly recommend the Squadron signal walk around No. 9

Book: F6F Hellcat (by Dann, Richard)

F6F Hellcat (Squadron/Signal Publications 5509)
16. July 2019, 19:04
Moritz Fentzahn
Count me in Mats, looks very promising so far 👍
20. August 2019, 17:17
Soeren .
Fantastic start
20. August 2019, 17:19
Mats Bengtsson
Thank you mates for your kind words.
21. August 2019, 05:40
Slavo Hazucha
Beautiful and clean work, looking forward to see more of this!
21. August 2019, 17:29
Mats Bengtsson
Thank you Slavo, much appreciated.

So far this kit has been a joy to build (the sheer size makes it special). With the cockpit done the next step are the wings. Let's hope they are as much fun as the cockpit 🙂
21. August 2019, 18:56
Cockpit looks certainly good
21. August 2019, 19:02
Bryn Crandell
Looking good. Watching this one.
21. August 2019, 19:12
Mats Bengtsson
Thank you very much guys.
22. August 2019, 05:35


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1:24 Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat (Airfix A19004)1:24 F6F-5 (Eduard LX006)
Grumman Hellcat F. Mk.II
GB Military Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm (1937-now)
No. 808 NAS Fleet Air Arm. HMS Khedive K-6J
March 1945 World War 2»Operation Sunfish - East Indies
Extra Dark Sea grey, Beige Green

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