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Scalemates Messerschmitt Bf 109 Group Build 2020


27 | 19. October 2020, 17:14
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Sergej I
Following the story! 👍
19. October 2020, 19:09
Jos Jansen
Here we go...it's showtime...!!
19. October 2020, 21:26
Clifford Keesler
Watching. Popcorn anyone. Man you are blowing through that one. I'm still trying to decide which one to do. LOL.
19. October 2020, 21:31
Erik Leijdens
And the mand and myth has started! Good luck mate
20. October 2020, 21:06
Nathan Dempsey
Nice. I have fond memories of this little kit.
20. October 2020, 21:13
Eelco Gregoire
Good to see you started. Have fun!
21. October 2020, 06:39
Michael Phillips
Welcome Sergej, Jos, Clifford, Erik, Nathan, and Eelco! Not much to add just yet, been quietly working on the cockpit and canopy masking, etc. But I do have good news! Miraculously, the decals arrived all the way from Hungary yesterday! I was not expecting to receive them until early November to be honest, so this is a pleasant surprise. So now I have everything I need to complete this kit, so I will not have to put it on hold waiting for anything as I was expecting to have to do.
21. October 2020, 16:37
Clifford Keesler
You go man. Another stunner in the works, I can feel it. Made a start on mine, got the cockpit built, but had an airbrush issue so did not get it painted. I should tommorow.
21. October 2020, 22:23
Daniel Klink
Aboard 👍
21. October 2020, 22:35
Michael Phillips
Got the cockpit done tonight and the fuselage mostly complete. Should be able to prime tomorrow and see if any further seamwork is needed, but it looks pretty good as is. Moving right along!
22. October 2020, 04:16
Björn Svedberg
Looking Good! Following! 👍
22. October 2020, 05:00
Clifford Keesler
Looking awesome sir.
22. October 2020, 21:25
Michael Phillips
Thanks Björn and Clifford!

Got her primed tonight. Got a couple small areas to tend to, but nothing major. Tomorrow will be pre-shading and then hopefully finish the camo this weekend.

Moving right along!
23. October 2020, 03:26
Sergej I
Smooth prime there 👍, what did you use?
23. October 2020, 05:53
Stefan Schacht
curious 🙂
23. October 2020, 07:53
Michael Phillips
Thanks Sergej and Stefan!

Sergej, I use Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black thinned with MrColor Levelling thinner for my priming. Gives and amazing smooth finish and is super easy to use. I mix the thinner and primer about 1:1.
23. October 2020, 14:21
Sergej I
Thanks Michael, my go-to recipe aswel 👍... amazing product
23. October 2020, 14:26
Jos Jansen
Nice Black ace...I love Mr. Surfacer, great primer...nice work Michael!
23. October 2020, 16:24
Kees Kleijwegt
Typical lightning speed Michael😉
Great progress on the Friedrich 👍
23. October 2020, 21:14
23. October 2020, 22:00
Michael Phillips
Thanks Jos, Kees and Christian!

Got the pre-shading down tonight, went really fast with such a small airframe compared to modern jets.

On to the camo next!
24. October 2020, 04:26
Michael Phillips
First two colors down, two to go!
24. October 2020, 21:43
Jos Jansen
Very sharp paintwork Michael...curious when all the colors are on it
24. October 2020, 21:45
Michael Phillips
Thanks Jos! I have put down RLM63 gray-green first, then added RLM62 green. Still have to add RLM61 brown and then RLM65 blue on the underside.
24. October 2020, 21:50
Clifford Keesler
Looking good sir.
25. October 2020, 03:21
Michael Phillips
Thanks Clifford!

Finished the camo tonight, turned out very nice and I don't really have any areas to clean up. Will apply the gloss coat tomorrow and decals likely on Monday night.
25. October 2020, 04:08
Eelco Gregoire
Turns out great
25. October 2020, 06:01
Erik Leijdens
Excellent Camo indeed!
25. October 2020, 06:06
Kees Kleijwegt
Camo came out great!
25. October 2020, 08:46
Nathan Dempsey
Yes, that camo looks great! Going to look even better once the markings are applied.
25. October 2020, 14:31
Clifford Keesler
Good looking camo Michael. An unusual scheme, but very nice.
26. October 2020, 16:07
Michael Phillips
Thanks Eelco, Erik, Kees, Nathan, and Clifford!

Got the decals on tonight. Not a whole lot of them on this bird, so that went really fast. Probably the easiest decal placement on any model I have ever done. Decals from SBS performed very well. We shall see tomorrow how they responded to the Solvaset (hence the reason some are wrinkled in the pics).
27. October 2020, 03:18
Jos Jansen
Beautiful color scheme...really awesome, excellent build so far Michael...👍👍
27. October 2020, 23:40
Clifford Keesler
Agree with Jos, can't say anymore.
28. October 2020, 00:45
James C
That is such a striking looking paint scheme 👍
28. October 2020, 00:47
Michael Phillips
Thanks Jos, Clifford, and James!

Got the wash on the upper side this evening. Next up will be wash on the underside then some post shading, then flat coat. Moving right along!
28. October 2020, 03:44
Christian Kohl
Very nice Michael!
28. October 2020, 04:53
Erik Leijdens
That is one colourful 109! Very nice
28. October 2020, 06:16
Christian Lehmann
Nice paint Job!
28. October 2020, 06:44
Michael Phillips
Thanks Christian, Erik, and Christian!

Well, made some huge progress today. Finished the underside wash, post shaded just a little bit with Tamiya Smoke, and applied the flat coat. Really makes her come alive!

Next up will be the metalwork of the exhaust and smoke stains then finish up the landing gear. Thinking I will wrap this one up by the end of the upcoming weekend or earlier.
29. October 2020, 03:23
Michael Hickey
This is very different, love the colors.👍👍👍
29. October 2020, 05:06
Patrick Hagelstein
Obviously missed this one....... Wow!!! 😮
29. October 2020, 05:21
Eelco Gregoire
It turns our great. I've always loved this camo.
29. October 2020, 07:43
Michael Phillips
Thanks Michael, Patrick, and Eelco!

I am happy with how this one is going. The Hasegawa 109s are not state-of-the-art, but they are easy to build and detail and accuracy are not as important to me with something like this outside my normal area of interest. I kinda like this change of pace from the normal jets and helos I do, so I might try to squeeze in a WWII prop plane every once in a while to "cleanse the palate" of my usual more complicated modern projects.
29. October 2020, 17:49
Daniel Klink
You should be Michael. Beautiful camo version and perfect implemented in the kit 👍
29. October 2020, 17:53
Patrick Hagelstein
I agree with Daniel, doing a WWII 'quick build' once in a while is quite refreshing.
29. October 2020, 18:28
Clifford Keesler
It's beautiful Michael.
30. October 2020, 00:20
looking very good, smooth camo 👍 did you blu-tack this?
1. November 2020, 09:32
Michael Phillips
Thanks Daniel, Patrick, Clifford, and Daniel! I think I will do another one one of these days.

Daniel, I used Tamiya tape for curves for the camo. Love using that stuff! I never got very good results using Blu-Tac, so if I want hard edges I use the tape, and soft edges I just do it freehand.

2. November 2020, 04:05
Michael Phillips
Anyway, this one is done! Thank you all for coming along for the ride, you comments and feedback were greatly appreciated as I moved along with this project. You can find the completed album here:

Hasegawa Bf 109F Friedrich - Completed! | Album by Fighting 84 (1:48)
2. November 2020, 04:06


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1:48 Messerschmitt Bf109F-2 (Hasegawa 09010)1:48 Messerschmitt Bf109F in Spanish Service (SBS Model D48034)
Messerschmitt Bf 109 F
ES Military Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force 1939-now)
Morón air force fighter school 6*135
1943 - Moron AB

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Scalemates Messerschmitt Bf 109 Group Build 2020 in
Scalemates Messerschmitt Bf 109 Group Build 2020
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