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In-Flight Stand WIP


1 | 27. June 2019, 03:00
Michael Phillips
As requested, here are some pics of how I make my own in-flight bases. Needed are:

12" aluminum bar (36" original length cut to size)
Piano Black Glossy Black Plaque Blank
4 self-tapping wood screws
Plastic Baseball Card Holder
Information Card created in Illustrator to the size of a standard baseball card
Short Phillips Screw driver

I will be happy to answer any questions anyone might have.

27. June 2019, 03:37
Donald Dickson II
Did you do anything to reinforce the area of the model the screws went in?
27. June 2019, 03:42
Michael Phillips
I did not. It is quite secure using the size screws I used as well as the fact there are two of them.
27. June 2019, 03:45
Donald Dickson II
Cool. I just wasn't sure if the plastic would be thick enough to not have the screws tear out or anything.
27. June 2019, 03:51
Mark Norfolk
Very neat Michael. Very neat indeed- I really like that. And the idea in the first place...!
27. June 2019, 04:31
Sy Bar
Many thanks for sharing your method. Your bases are an elegant way to display your superb models. I hope to produce a model worthy of such a base so I can attempt one. 👍 👍 👍
27. June 2019, 04:54
Xander Jansen
Thanks for sharing !!!
27. June 2019, 09:33
Slavo Hazucha
Nice, simple and clean! Walter Gropius and the BAUHAUS architecture school approve! 👍 (or at least I am sure they would... 🙂 )
27. June 2019, 09:45
Thanks for sharing !
28. June 2019, 04:41


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