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Ingo F (Igi87)



6 | 20. September 2019, 19:38
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Ingo F
Here we go guys, my new project. This time it will be an conversion of Trumpeters T80BV to the newer BVM version. Many parts will be scratchbuild, other will be used from the spare box.
Relikt Armour on the turret front is made from plasticard, tubes, evergreen profiles and wires.
I had to resculpt the gun mantlet as the BVM version got a new one.
Sosna-U periscope (the green one) is from Meng T-72B3 kit.
20. September 2019, 19:45
Murad ÖZER
here here 🙂
20. September 2019, 20:22
Ingo F
Turret is now almost finished, only the slat armour on the back is missing. Will add it at the end of the build. Moving to the hull now.
13. October 2019, 12:13
Ingo F
Completed for about 90%, only the slat armour is missing.
10. November 2019, 15:18
Nathan Dempsey
That's a great conversion Ingo. That turret looks amazing!
10. November 2019, 15:20
Murad ÖZER
incredible work with all those bits and pieces. WOW 👍
10. November 2019, 15:57
Looking forward .....
10. November 2019, 17:51
Ingo F
Thanks mates! 🙂
10. November 2019, 19:03
Scott Dutton
Be still my beating heart, another of my beloved T-80. Looking great
11. November 2019, 12:25
Ingo F
Still thinking about adding some crew figures. Maybe from the Zvezda kit: Russian contemporary tank crew (Zvezda 3684, 1:35)

1:35 Russian contemporary tank crew (Zvezda 3684)
11. November 2019, 12:46
Scott Dutton
Some great resin figures available. See pm
11. November 2019, 23:32
Ingo F
After almost 3 Months of fun, joy, anger and tears 😄 i managed to complete the build of this bad boy. This was the longest build of a single model since i started this hobby but i must say it was the most fun build i ever had. :)
8. December 2019, 11:24
Scott Dutton
Wow, how to you get that level of detail in only 3 months. Fabulous
8. December 2019, 12:51
Nathan Dempsey
That's some impressive work there Ingo. Love the slat armor on the rear parts of the hull & turret.
8. December 2019, 14:58
Murad ÖZER
killer looking build mate, the most fun part is next! 🙂
8. December 2019, 14:59
Ingo F
Thank you Scott, Nathan and Murad!
8. December 2019, 15:53
Rene Scheiblich
Holy cow... The slat armour alone is commendable and definitely looks the part. Nice job, I'm curious to see this beast painted😎
16. December 2019, 15:51
Ingo F
Thanks Rene. Lower part of the hull is already painted, need to glue the wheels, tracks and fenders back. After that i can base coat and paint it.
16. December 2019, 15:58
Rene Scheiblich
Nice! Do you paint and weather the running gear before mounting it?
16. December 2019, 18:14
Ingo F
Depends on the vehicle. If there are side skirts then yes. If there are no skirts, then i am doing the weathering in one go.
16. December 2019, 19:34
Rene Scheiblich
Weathering with tracks mounted... Sounds like a damn fiddly job.
I'm curious how it will look in the end!
19. December 2019, 18:33
Ingo F
Finally some pictures of the finished model. Enjoy. :)
17. May 2020, 21:36
Nathan Dempsey
Great result Ingo!
18. May 2020, 00:27
Ingo F
Thank you Nathan.
18. May 2020, 04:52
Scott Dutton
Great result, as always
19. May 2020, 09:55
Scott is right.
19. May 2020, 13:50
Ingo F
Thank you mate. 🙂
19. May 2020, 13:50
Thomas K.
looks good! 👍
19. May 2020, 15:40
Rene Scheiblich
Nice work as usual Ingo😎 👍
I like how you faded out the dirt from the lower parts to the clean upper parts👍
20. May 2020, 07:27
Ingo F
Thank you Rene.
20. May 2020, 09:03
James C
Very nice work Ingo 👍
27. May 2020, 19:05
Ingo F
Thank you Jim. 🙂
27. May 2020, 19:37
Jakub Wiraszka
It definitely looks insane. I plan to do it too, but will be building on the last released T-80BVM from Trumpeter. I know that there will be a lot of work anyway, because there is room for improvement, because the T-80U and BV, on which the BVM is based, have a lot of errors. Anyway congratulations Ingo!
24. January, 17:40
Ingo F
Thanks mate. :)
Yeah, Trumpys T-90 and T-80 have many errors and you have to put a lot of work in this models to get them right but for me its the best part as i can make many improvements and scratchbuilding. 😄
24. January, 17:53


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1:35 T-80BV MBT (Trumpeter 05566)1:35 125mm 2A46M-4 Barrel for Russian Tank T-80U; T-80UM; T-80UD & Ukrainian T-84 (Aber 35L-146)1:35 Soviet 902V "Tucha" (Aber R36)

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