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Leopard 1


1 5 August 2018, 19:20
Ingo F
Started my new project. This time it is a Leopard 1 Batch 4 from Revell with a few AM sets. Not even ten minutes into the build and i remembered why i am not building Revell kits. 🙁
Rigt now i have mixed feelings about this kit. Despite being a new tool from 2015 the fit of the parts is really bad. Nearly all bigger parts needs putty to close the gaps. 🙁
Have not used this much putty in a while. 😄
Unfortunately there are also big ugly molding seams on many parts, ejection pin marks and sink holes.
But hey, modeling without challenges is boring. 😄
5 August 2018, 19:33
Michael Hickey
Looking good so far.
5 August 2018, 21:20
Ingo F
Thank you Michael and James.
@James: For me the disappointment is not the price of the AM products (i wanted to have them) but the kit itself. I was hoping for a good kit for this money and the day and age.
I could have gone for the old Tamiya kit as it is cheaper and got a better fit.
5 August 2018, 23:12
Ingo F
Hull is almost completed. Only the rear lights are missing. I lost one and had to recast it. Moving to the turret now.
11 August 2018, 20:47
Rene Scheiblich
Hehe yep the fun with Revell armour kits. I can't remember one without sinkholes🙂 but you did a very good job so far.
Regarding the putty you must feel a bit like I did with the 262. Sometimes you wonder if parts from another kit got mixed in somehow😄
11 August 2018, 21:41
Patrick Hagelstein
Sieht schon Mal ganz anständig aus! Die Schweissnächte am Heck sind supergut gelungen! 👍
11 August 2018, 21:44
Ingo F
Thank you Rene and Patrick. 🙂
11 August 2018, 21:53
Ingo F
Completed the build today. It was quite a fight with this kit but in the end i have won. 😄
14 August 2018, 19:28
Patrick Hagelstein
Victory at last!!!...
14 August 2018, 19:59
Murad ÖZER
i ain't missing this one 🙂
14 August 2018, 20:19
Ingo F
Thank you guys. 🙂
Now i have to test the colors. I have Revell Gelbolive RAL 6014 and the A.Mig one. Not sure which one is better.
14 August 2018, 20:31
Michael Hickey
Congrats on sticking with her, now time for some color.👍
14 August 2018, 23:34
Ingo F
Thanks mate. Was really pain to buid this one but in the end it was worth it. 🙂
15 August 2018, 06:06
Rene Scheiblich
Yep. Beat it fair and square. 🙂
Tidy job all around! Lots of effort with the weldlines and all the extra details, love it. And... I don't see that much putty😉 are you a bit spoiled from Tamiya and Trumpeter kits? ;P
15 August 2018, 07:28
Ingo F
Thanks Rene. Nah, its more like spoiled from Tamiya and MENG kits. 😄 Some of the Trumpy kits also require putty.
I managed to hide most of the putty so not much is visible.😉
15 August 2018, 08:04
Rene Scheiblich
That's why the weldlines are so neatly done... Tons of putty underneath😛
No seriously sweet job 👍
15 August 2018, 11:20
Ingo F
Damn, you got me. 🙂 Thats the reason why i decided to add the weld lines. 😄
15 August 2018, 13:44
Ingo F
Finished the painting and moving to the decals next. In the end i decided to go with Gelbolive from A.MIG and it turned out good. Not much highlightning as i was trying not to over do it on this one.
22 August 2018, 19:01
Rene Scheiblich
Nicely done paintjob Ingo. The highlighting on the turret is a bit more intense than on the hull though or is it me?
22 August 2018, 20:20
Ingo F
Thank you Rene. You are right with the turret. My thoughts were that the turret get more sun then the hull. 🙂 Is it too much?
22 August 2018, 20:24
Rene Scheiblich
Makes sense. I wouldn't say it's too much 🙂 just sticks out a bit compared to the hull imho. But knowing you, it will be tied together perfectly after weathering 👍
22 August 2018, 20:27
Ingo F
22 August 2018, 20:42
Ingo F
Thank you mate. 🙂
22 August 2018, 22:01
Scott Dutton
1 of my 2 fav families, leopard and t-72 and you working on both. Looks great
22 August 2018, 22:02
Ingo F
Thank you Scott. Both are also my favorite families of tanks. 😄
22 August 2018, 22:07
Scott Dutton
Brother in Models
23 August 2018, 10:41
Murad ÖZER
color is perfect Ingo 👍
23 August 2018, 16:59
Ingo F
Thanks Murad. 🙂
23 August 2018, 17:48
Carlos Cisneros
Looking very sharp so far! I need to watch how this will end.
24 August 2018, 03:01
Ingo F
Thanks Carlos and welcome on board.
24 August 2018, 06:14
Bart Goesaert
Nice build, and yeah, Revell will be Revell... Always, but they cost half the price of a Tamiya, and are still pretty descent... You have some more work on them, but hey, we are modellers, aren't we?
24 August 2018, 08:00
Ingo F
Thank you Bart. Yeah you are right, whats scale modelling without challenges.... boring. 🙂
24 August 2018, 08:21
Ingo F
Added an coat of brown filter over the whole model to break the uniform and clean surface.
25 August 2018, 21:19
Ingo F
Finished. Was quite a fight with this one but in the end i think it turned out really good. 🙂
2 September 2018, 09:58
Murad ÖZER
beautiful build Ingo, best looking Leo of em all in my opinion - going to look great in the cabinet!😎
2 September 2018, 10:10
Ingo F
Thank you Murad. 🙂
2 September 2018, 10:34
Ingo F
Thanks James.
2 September 2018, 21:14
Thomas K.
really nice!👍
2 September 2018, 21:19
Ingo F
Thanks mate.
2 September 2018, 21:43

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