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44. Coastal Defense of A-222 Bereg and 4K51 Rubezh


1 | 11. April 2018, 10:01
another amazing job Przemek!
11. April 2018, 10:19
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you Spanjaard.
I'm affraid I will spam you for next few days with my last year builds.
I'm trying to prepare a decent final photos of those models.
11. April 2018, 10:27
Glenn (.)
Nice Work Przemek
11. April 2018, 11:01
Bring them on, I love this kind of spamming 🙂
11. April 2018, 11:39
Soeren .
With this kind of great builds, you can spam this site all day long😉
11. April 2018, 11:46
Harry Eder
Very cool dio! 👍
11. April 2018, 12:05
Mohammad Adl
Przemek Really very nice, good job😉
12. April 2018, 10:45
Tim Heimer
Awesome! Nice dio!
12. April 2018, 11:24
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you all. Base is quite big as it is 30cm by 60cm but vehicles are huge thus it tightly 😉
13. April 2018, 06:56
Scott Dutton
Wow, I compare this twin vehicle dio with the twin Scorpion, "Beauty and the Beast". This is truly a beast of a diorama. Love it
14. April 2018, 05:00
Michael Hickey
I am without words, simply put "INSPIRING", well done once again.👍👍👍
14. April 2018, 06:49
Dirk Denker
Impressive work!👍
20. April 2018, 14:01
Thomas K.
Very impressive, wow! 🙂
21. April 2018, 21:55
4. October 2018, 08:27
4. October 2018, 08:49
Roland Roth
Great work ... looks very good!
4. October 2018, 08:53
Bart Goesaert
nice duo, pretty crowded, but this aren't the smallest vehicles...
5. October 2018, 08:10
Good detail, all tidy and rather clean, rushed from factory to coastline. The two well built and interesting models deserve separate presentation!
5. October 2018, 08:37
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you Roland.
Bart - thanks, yes those are beasts and it was hard to fit them on this base (30cm x 60cm). Rubezh is longest vehicles from the family (SCUD, Smerch, Bereg, Rubezh).
Neuling - thank you. I wanted to keep them quite clean, only some mud, dirt and streaks. No rust at all. I wanted to put them separately but I ran out of shelf space.
5. October 2018, 13:20


1:35 130mm Coastal Defense Gun A-222 Bereg (Trumpeter 01036)1:35 4K51 Rubezh Coastal ASM with P-15 (Trumpeter 01035)1:35 AERIAL FOR BMP-3 (RB Model 35A14)
4K51 Rubezh
RU Military Russian Army
3-color Green, Sandy Brown, Black

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