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Przemek Przybulewski (Pprzybulewski)



7. November 2017, 22:51
Florian Ayers
Looks great!
22. February 2018, 15:16
Great modell
25. February 2018, 11:14
Dan M
That's indeed a great looking SPG! Did you have any troubles painting those vinyl tires? I tried painting some Trumpeter ones and the paint keeps flaking off
25. February 2018, 13:00
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you all.
Dan, no I haven't - usually I soak them overnight in water with soap then rub with soft brush. When they are dry I paint them with XF-86 from Tamiya, 1-2 thin layers. And then I leave them for a couple of days to cure.
25. February 2018, 13:03
Marcel Chmura
Superb job!
25. February 2018, 13:08
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you Marcel.
25. February 2018, 18:15
Scott Dutton
As always, sensation job, those wheels look great
25. February 2018, 21:17
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you Scott.
I hoped that it's end but as usual photos reveal some things to correct. You can see them on 6 new photos.
26. February 2018, 16:54
Ulf Krahn
very nice!
26. February 2018, 17:37
Mohammad Adl
Excellent, Przemek! Great build, Looks awesome. 😉
27. February 2018, 04:24
27. February 2018, 05:47
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you very much.
27. February 2018, 13:04
Murad ÖZER
stunning, both the scene and the model. 👍👍👍
27. February 2018, 13:18
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you Murad.
15. March 2018, 12:23
Steven Van Dyck
Very nice result, Przemek. The trees are a neat addition. You can find my own version at 152mm ShkH DANA vz.77 | Project by StevenVD (1:35)
15. March 2018, 17:04
Daniel Klink
15. March 2018, 17:08
excellent job
15. March 2018, 17:16
Thomas K.
very nicely
15. March 2018, 21:30
Bastian Bäuerle
great job!!!
15. March 2018, 22:46
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you Daniel, Spanjaard, Thomas and Bastian.
Now I see that I could add some dust/dirt pigments as it looks too clean ;)

@Steven - nice work on yours Dana, I really like it.
29. March 2018, 12:30
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks! One of the things I changed is the surface behind the driver's cabin. That's really different from what Hobbyboss proposes: [img1]. But it's just one of a few things, it's a great kit to build out of the box.
29. March 2018, 15:45


1:35 152mm ShkH DANA vz.77 (HobbyBoss 85501)1:35 Pine Tree Tall (Sosna Dorosła Wysoka) (Freon SOD1)1:35 Young Pine Tree Tall (Sosna Młoda Wysoka) (Freon SOM1)

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