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Alex G.
Alexander Grivonev (Alex G.)

Porsche 964 RS 3.8 WIP


21. December 2016, 20:30
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looking good so far. i am interested 🙂
21. December 2016, 22:10
Alexander Grivonev
you're welcome!
22. December 2016, 02:45
Adam Gudynowski
Nice and clean 🙂
22. December 2016, 07:43
23. December 2016, 11:12
those wheels look quite good 🙂
24. December 2016, 00:00
Adam Gudynowski
impressive 🙂
5. January 2017, 23:21
Scott Hastings
That is a great paint job....and yellow can be a difficult one to spray. Nicely done
6. January 2017, 02:58
yellow paint looking perfect, fantastic
6. January 2017, 07:13
Melf Boyens
The cadmium yellow looks awesome, but I am more amazed about the flocking power that indeed gives the interior so much realism, and a nice contrast to the leather seats. Well done!
6. January 2017, 07:24
👍 top
9. January 2017, 18:03
12. January 2017, 00:32
amazing job in polishing indeed.
12. January 2017, 00:52
Scott Hastings
what are you using for polish?? can't see the tube. Great work looks awesome!!
12. January 2017, 16:41
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Good work !!! Like it !
21. January 2017, 17:28
Alexander Grivonev
thanks guys!
23. January 2017, 21:14
where do you buy that 3M product, looks interesting. they seem to have several others , but i have no idea what the differences are.... did you try others?
23. January 2017, 23:36
Alexander Grivonev
Hey Spanjaard, 3M has several products with different grades of "abrasiveness" (i hope this word exists) this particular one is the most abrasive and perfect for the first polishing step to get rid of the grinding marks from the wet sanding. For a fact, i tried several others but they were not abrasive enough for this crucial first step. But keep in mind i painted my model with a 2K clearcote which is pretty resistant and hard and this compound may be too coarse for other (1K) clear cotes. To get the surface even more shiny i used Tamiyas Finish compound (at this stage you could use any other "fine" compound). But as always in life, you should try yourself, draw your own conclusions and learn from your mistakes😢 cheers
24. January 2017, 17:30
Scott Hastings
Good advice, Alexander.Porsche is coming along marvellously
24. January 2017, 18:51
thanks a million Alexander 🙂 i think i may give a try to one of the thinner ones, if i can find them somewhere 🙂
24. January 2017, 21:15
Urban Gardini
Now this build is bloody brilliant! I love the yellow and it somehow suits the 911 perfect.
24. January 2017, 21:53
absolutely beautiful, really fantastic result!
may i ask where do you buy the 3M Products? they seem far more expensive around here.
2. February 2017, 20:32
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks, Spanjaard. I got mine from ebay.
2. February 2017, 20:41
Thanks a lot
2. February 2017, 20:50
Scott Hastings
Spectacular!!! It actually looks BETTER than your reference photo. If you take her outside and do some forced perspective photography it will be hard to tell it is a scale model. Standing ovation!!!
3. February 2017, 05:06
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks Scott!
3. February 2017, 11:10
Gordon Sørensen
Fantastic paint finish! Looks great Alexander!
3. February 2017, 19:01
Alexander Grivonev
Thank You, Gordon. The paint is far from perfect and i had quite a struggle with it at some places. I haven't painted a car model in a long time and have to relearn to do it properly. I'tt take it as good practice😢
3. February 2017, 19:42
Urban Gardini
It's perfect in our eyes! Painting cars this good is hard work that not everyone is capable of doing.
3. February 2017, 19:51
far from perfect Alexander? looking forward witnessing you next build! 🙂
3. February 2017, 22:10
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Oups ...... Far from perfect ????? I wish I could get such a 'far from perfect' finish ... ;)
4. February 2017, 17:54
Alexander Grivonev
Hehe ok thanks but believe me, the camera is very forgiving 😛
5. February 2017, 09:44
Denilson Martins
Great build!
28. February 2017, 21:58
1. March 2017, 05:27
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks guys! Waiting for some sunshine and warmer temperatures to make an outside photoshooting!
1. March 2017, 20:31
Cesar Muniz
Amazing job! very inspiring, I think to fit my aftermarket wheels I will folow your steps and order eine grosse bier kiste!
28. August 2017, 08:14
Alexander Grivonev
😢 Do it Cesar!
28. August 2017, 10:25
Vladislav K.
Great job with Porsche!
4. October 2017, 14:14
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks Vlad! You might also check out the roll out: Porsche 964 RS 3.8 Photoshoot | Album by Alex G. (1:24)
4. October 2017, 16:55
I wish my car had this paint finish. You did an outstanding job. Is it the car from this video on Youtube: "JP Performance - Zu Besuch im Porsche Museum | Teil 4" ?
4. October 2017, 18:46
Alexander Grivonev
Thanks ice! No it's not exactly the same Porsche though it is also from the 964 series and same colour. The one in the video is a "Turbo S", it has a different spoiler/hood and additional air inlets behind the doors. Mine is a "RS 3.8".
4. October 2017, 18:58


1:24 Porsche 911 RSR (Fujimi 12311)1:24 Drilled Brake Disc Set 15mm+13mm with 4 Brake Calipers (Scale Production SPE24010A)No Mesh 6x6 Rhomb type STEEL (Eduard 00025)2+

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