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Arado Ar 68


12 | 18. February, 08:36
Roland Sachsenhofer
Feel very welcome Sebastian!
These pictures open the construction report on the Arado 68. Roden offers accurately fitting and well made components which can be assembled quite quickly to form the handsome fuselage of an Ar 68. I particularly like the precise and finely cast representation of the exhaust systems - what a difference to the Fury/Airfix! 🙂 In spite of all this, there is still some filling and sanding to be done, that will be the next step.
18. February, 08:42
Gary Kitchen
Hi Roland, those harnesses really look like webbing. Are they fabric or a skilful paint effect? Taking a seat.
18. February, 08:53
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello Gary, welcome! 🙂
The harness is an Eduards scratched part that I painted and highlighted with pastel crayon which I use for a wash of the cockpit/interior.
18. February, 09:01
Dietmar Bogatzki
Hallo Roland, interessantes Modell und bisher klasse gebaut..
18. February, 09:08
Roland Sachsenhofer
Danke Dietmar, das freut mich!
19. February, 08:00
Roland Sachsenhofer
The Arado is ready and so far a pleasure to build. Most parts of the fuselage have already been filled and sanded, the wings are still "raw".
22. February, 17:59
Roland Sachsenhofer
Next step will be applying "RLM 02". Meanwhile, the model behaves first class
27. February, 08:23
Roland Sachsenhofer
The rigging is finished, but what you see here is not yet trimmed. And well.... it is one of my first wooden propellers.... 🙂
6. March, 19:56
Mirko Römer
Wow, that's some very fine work, Roland!
7. March, 10:40
Juergen Klinglhuber
Just can repeat Mirkos statement - right for the build and... for your wood propellers too. Looking great.
7. March, 17:57
Roland Sachsenhofer
Mirko and Jürgen, thank you very much! I am very happy about your words!
7. March, 18:39
Roland Sachsenhofer
Let me show you a few final pictures of a Let me show you a few final pictures of a project that went quite happily. Rodens plastic parts are an excellent basis for an Ar 68 and are quite pleasant to assemble.However, it is always necessary to think and plan ahead - but that is always a virtue, especially with a biplane. The kit decals are, it may be said openly, completely unusable; my markings therefore come exclusively from the spare parts box.
The completed model shows an Ar 68 as it was used in 1937 in the ranks of the "Condor Legion" in the Spanish Civil War.
13. March, 13:54
Top work on this interesting aircraft. Ein luftig filigranes Meisterwerk!
14. March, 10:23
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you very much for this reply! ...... und für die schöne Formulierung- das gefällt!
14. March, 10:32
Rui S
Beautiful model. Very well done 👍
14. March, 10:53
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Rui! The Ar 68 turned out to be a quite interesting plane!
14. March, 11:50
Sebastian Meyner
Fantastic work Roland! 👍 Wie immer läßt du's total einfach aussehen 😉
14. March, 11:55
Roland Sachsenhofer
Sebastian, thank you for these kind and pleasing words! ...dann muss ich an meiner Berichtestattung was ändern 🙂)
14. March, 12:39
14. March, 15:20


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