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Roland Sachsenhofer (Roland)


Fokker D XXIII

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This album is attached to project Fokker D-XXIII.

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1:48 Fokker D-XXIII (RS Models 48001)


2. March at 10:48:12 Share
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Roland Sachsenhofer Started!
One of the first things to be done was replacing this crude exhausts. I used for this a hollow brass tube of fitting diameter. You can see the outcome- all these these tiny tubes have been glued in place. I planing to finish their appearance by filing them in shape.
2. March at 10:54:23
Hans Robben Nice plane, kit seems rough though. Having a seat!
2. March at 11:12:17
MoJo I'll take a look at it.
2. March at 11:57:39
Erik Leijdens Interesting. Following
2. March at 13:13:57
Stephan Ryll I'll take a seat :)
2. March at 18:13:08
Roland Sachsenhofer Feel welcome, mates! Today's work includes priming and painting the cockpit, pictures will be added later.
3. March at 10:25:30
Roland Sachsenhofer The interior has been finished, again with a little help from my etched parts spare box and some additional wiring. By now I have closed the fuselage halves- and most of this not so perfect interior has been swallowed by merciful darkness :)
16. March at 10:51:50
Roland Sachsenhofer Now everything is ready for the assembly of the fuselage outriggers. The individual components are now all fillered and sanded- some heavy work by the way :)
23. March at 21:53:13
Clifford Keesler I'm in. Never have seen this aircraft before, interesting.
23. March at 23:32:59
Roland Sachsenhofer You are motivating me to get my best out of this challenge mates! :)
No wonder, Clifford, that was the only prototype of a promising but technically troubled fighter aircraft project of the Dutch.
24. March at 07:49:09
Bart Goesaert as with most dual inline engines (mostly the rear engine by overheating). But it is a nice design and also a striking camo that was applied.

You are making your work from this one...
25. March at 16:32:54
Roland Sachsenhofer Not the easiest to apply, but I fully agree, Bart: just good looking camo on this fierce looking aircraft!
28. March at 11:38:28
Nathan Dempsey An interesting subject and a challenging build as well. Great work!
28. March at 12:28:01
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you for your words, Nathan! A bunch of new pictures of this hot rod: the canopy had to be cut in shape to fit on the fuselage, generally a decent amount of sanding and putty work is supposed to get this pleasing lines in shape.
Now on to some paint! :)
29. March at 06:42:32
Stephan Ryll Nice progress Roland
29. March at 08:33:20
Clifford Keesler Looking very nice Roland.
30. March at 00:52:31
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Stephan ans Clifford for your comments! Pre-shading and pre-lighting" has been done", mow I will try to mix a appropriate "zandkleur" for the beige/ sand-coloure.
30. March at 09:17:51
Nathan Dempsey Ahh yes, it's coming together nice & looks great.
30. March at 21:02:45
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Nathan! Sandcolour is now applied- and contour- masked on those areas, where the green will border.
31. March at 08:18:19
Clifford Keesler Looking excellent sir.
31. March at 23:39:08
Ben M Watching
1. April at 00:04:09
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you both guys!
4. April at 09:16:10
Roland Sachsenhofer Dark Green has been added, surfaces are awaiting now the chocolate brown for the three-tone camo
14. April at 18:00:00
Patrick Hagelstein How could I miss this as a Dutch guy???
15. April at 15:41:23
Roland Sachsenhofer Feel welcome. Patrick! :) Gunzes Gloss Clear has been applied over all three colours, the Fokker XXIII is now awaiting the decals.
15. April at 15:57:38
Nathan Dempsey The camouflage came out great!
15. April at 18:50:24
Stephan Ryll Very nice paintjob
15. April at 18:56:24
Clifford Keesler Great paint job Roland, very well done.
16. April at 00:59:31
Bart Goesaert beautiful paintwork...
16. April at 06:40:11
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you all mates for these very kind words! I have just applied the decals for the early prototype D.XXIII- no hard work at all! :)
17. April at 05:49:03
Erik Leijdens Very beautiful paintwork Roland, the sand color is a bit too yellow in my opinion but still looks very good! It looks the same as the replica D.XXI which resides in the Dutch Military museum, which is a fine replica but not with the best colors chosen..
Your model will turned out fine, as usual off course!
17. April at 06:08:35
Roland Sachsenhofer Your words are a big praise for me, thank you Erik!
17. April at 07:05:48
Roland Sachsenhofer Almost finished! Only a few last details are missing - like the scratch-built unusual locking mechanism of the main wheels, which can be seen quite prominently. The exhausts have been done with wire isolation- the version with hollow brass tubing did nit look good for me at last. :)
The next days will see the Fokker D.XXIII finshed, so I hope.
23. April at 15:25:52
James C An unusual looking aircraft. Looking good Roland.
23. April at 18:45:09
Clifford Keesler Looking good.
23. April at 22:20:32
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you James ans Clifford!
24. April at 04:34:38
Roland Sachsenhofer Finally finished! I think it's really great that RS-Models has put this unique machine on a scale of 1:48. A certain initiative is required, but it's also worth it. I hope you like the outcome
25. April at 10:25:09
Bart Goesaert Nice work. You happen to know by any chance what the fins under the wings are?
25. April at 11:21:08
Erik Leijdens The outcome is fantastic Roland!
25. April at 12:46:51
Nathan Dempsey Came out great Roland. Love that camo!
25. April at 14:24:16
Stephan Ryll Very nice camo Roland
25. April at 17:46:18
Wim van der Luijt The end result is great! It's a test machine so the clean look suits it....
25. April at 18:06:40
James C Very nice work mate.
25. April at 18:56:45
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you all mates for these vivid comments! Wim, I hope to have captured the likely look of a prototype not flown all to often.
Bart, I just can imagine these fins should improve in-flight stability, but have no further precise infromtation about these; maybe some informed mate can help?
26. April at 07:14:56
Roland Sachsenhofer By the way, there exists fantastic film footage of this Fokker XXIII in the condition I tried to depict in this model, have a look here: Youtube Video

26. April at 07:17:57
playtime 222 I need to see them end-on first but I would actually put money on them being a rubber bumper of some form for some protection again the tail hitting the ground, probably during take-off rather than landing. The Do335 had one on its bottom fin, for instance. EDIT. Just watched the video and they are very thin. I'm tending towards the directional stability purpose now but I wouldn't rule out the bumper :D
26. April at 07:23:50
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you, I'm sure you're right about the tail fins. Bart's question, however, related to the unusual fins under the wings.
26. April at 07:52:59
playtime 222 Oh yes I see then now. Very unusual, not weapons mounts (cos its a night fighter), doesn't look like any radar aerial configuration, not sure what else they can be. Curious.
26. April at 13:47:28
Clifford Keesler Could they be antenna of some kind? since it was to be a night fighter. Looking very nice Roland.
26. April at 15:31:05
playtime 222 They don't look like any contemporary aerial arrangement (the Dutch did do research into military applications though), the plane is the first prototype so they would be ironing out aerodynamics and the killer - it's single seat - no radar operator. Only thing realistically left is bloody big vortex generators. I've spent a good hour trying to dig up a clue about this.
26. April at 23:10:06
Roland Sachsenhofer I thank you both for the energy you put into solving this riddle! I'm sure we'll figure it out.
Yes, some kind of vortex generator sounds plausible...
27. April at 09:58:49
Clifford Keesler I agree, they could be vortex generators, anyway a very nice job on an unsual aircraft.
28. April at 23:28:16
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you for these appreciated words, Clifford
29. April at 14:02:59
Lode Schildermans Roland, not my favorite plane, but you turned into a beauty. Congrats
30. April at 06:18:33
Roland Sachsenhofer Then your words are even more welcome! Thank you, Lode
2. May at 04:51:22
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you for your very welcome words!
By the way, when I looked at your site, I was very impressed by your age. You make an extremely sprightly impression :)
2. May at 07:06:41
Thomas Ehrensperger Top. Sehr schönes Modell. Gratuliere. Gruss Thomas
17. May at 19:50:09
Roland Sachsenhofer Vielen Dank Thomas, Deine Worte freuen mich sehr!
18. May at 19:50:14
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