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added a new photoalbum.
7 30 August 2020, 21:05
we are usually harder on ourselves than anybody else... so as long as you enjoy doing it the way you want, who cares if other people do not like it?😉 go for it, and have fun 🙂
3 September 2020, 16:25
Thanks! Working on how the paint scheme will look, might have some pictures shortly
3 September 2020, 16:47
Gordon Sørensen
The fit of the new kits are actually quite good. The interior fits into place on the fuselage, the notch on the former matches the stringer on the fuselage.
3 September 2020, 17:38
I think this one might have been in storage for a while, one fuselage half was more of a banana than I'd expect!
3 September 2020, 18:00
3 September 2020, 19:34
Initial paint coats added..some more thought to go into this!
5 September 2020, 09:24
What type of paint are you using? They looks like enamels applied with a brush. If so I would suggest 6 thin layers of paint to get an even coat. The trick is to get the consistency of the paint thin but it still should lay down without running.
6 September 2020, 14:03
Brush painting is a art, but once you got it.. my advice masking.. thinish coats, and a flat brush Its how I do mine.
6 September 2020, 14:37
Derek Huggett
...And Augie does it darn well! (Many envious Scalemates will probably agree!). Nice to see a bit of fun too - we can all take it too seriously sometimes! 👍😉
6 September 2020, 15:15
@Skywalker they're mr hobby metallics, definitely need another couple of coats. I'm going to mask for a boundary colour to straighten them up! Thanks for hints augie I havent been thinning them enough I think. Thanks to you all for stopping by!
6 September 2020, 16:03
Ahh Mr hobby, yes they are a &&^%$ to paint with a brush. They need thinning with MR hobby thinners.
you actually need to go slightly thicker on the paint, but keep it wet on the model so it can self level
6 September 2020, 18:14
Listen to Augie .. she is the hairy stick Master here. no doubt about it
6 September 2020, 19:05
When I get back to painting this one I'll be thinning those paints a lot more to see how the finish goes. Advice is much appreciated.

Dont have mr. Hobby thinners, might risk it with water and see what happens. Learn mistakes by making them!!!
7 October 2020, 22:11
i do not know much about Mr Hobby, but they are acrylic, better than water try some IPA (Isopropil alcohol). 99% pure if you can find it.
7 October 2020, 23:10
and do the experiment in an old discarded model, just in case 🙂
7 October 2020, 23:11
Mr hobby are acrylic, but not water based or IPA based.. they smell of cellulose thinners so be very careful using IPA or water to thin..maybe take some from the pot onto some plastic and test thinning it that way
7 October 2020, 23:39
thanks for the correction Augie 🙂
8 October 2020, 00:01
No worries, I had to play with them after getting some for a F-2 I am gonna build.. right royal pain in the A** to brush with
8 October 2020, 00:05
Oh this does put a different complexion on things, and actually might explain how I havent had a great finish so far! It's great to hear it's not just me....Would white spirits work?

I love this interaction and feedback guys, thank you all!
8 October 2020, 08:31
Will try get some iPA in the pharmacist today too.
8 October 2020, 08:31
IPA works good with Tamiya acrylics for example (for airbrushing at least), but as Augie said, maybe not a good idea with Mr hobby
8 October 2020, 08:47
Hi Brian, try the IPA first see how you get on. Dont mix it into the pot, but take some of the paint out of the pot and try mixing it with ipa.
8 October 2020, 09:15
I've given up on this for now. I just can't get a finish I'm happy with, 2 coats on this since. Chalking up to experience! 🙂
8 February 2021, 22:46
Came back to it to add some white stripes between the colours. That led to another design choice!
5 December 2021, 18:13
That's an interesting effect. I think it is an improvement.
5 December 2021, 18:52
Thanks, Skywalker! The colours definitely needed a boundary.
6 December 2021, 07:32
Andrew Taylor
That's something you don't see every day. Given the Spitfire is the quint essential British Icon, I thought it was a Union Jack themed scheme. Now that would look cool.
6 December 2021, 07:59

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