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Thread started by Trez

Trez Mackenzie
Lame. Still has the 1970s fat spokes. Very sad
KS600 Motorcycle & Sidecar
Tamiya 1:35
35384 2024 New tool
5 2 February, 13:50
Sure, so don't buy it. Simple as that.
2 February, 15:59
Trez Mackenzie
Thanks for the sage advice - let's keep it really simple - I have zero intention of buying it but I am definitely going to warn those on here I consider mates. Got it?
2 February, 22:11
Sure, go ahead and "warn" modellers as best you like. I'll buy it, and convert it. Love that Tamiya decided to do this as a kit.
Your sage advice to fellow modellers is great...
3 February, 08:43
Martin Weinpold
Really? Old kit again? F**k!
3 February, 08:55
No, new kit.
3 February, 08:59
Martin Weinpold
Ou, thanks!
3 February, 09:03
Trez Mackenzie
Yes Martin, I'm afraid it is a new kit with old 1970s wheels.
3 February, 10:56
Martin Weinpold
Ok, Trez. Photoetched? 🙂
3 February, 13:29
probably somebody will issue a PE for it. if not, you can always make a hand made solution. i have done my own spokes in 1/12, but I have seen it being done even in 1/144
3 February, 15:01
Trez Mackenzie
You could use PE but that will cost you more than the kit. Tamiya should be applauded for their latest figures - they look good. However using the same technique as 50 years ago is just flat out lazy, greedy and very unimaginative.

And of course you could scratch your own but that will take a lot of time and skill - it would have cost nothing to throw in some PE spokes. As this will most probably be a secondary kit you would need that time for your primary build
3 February, 16:56
Trez Mackenzie
Spanaard I threw an eye on your wheels - I must say very impressive and admirable! Regarding the Tamiya kit I'm not trying to be negative but I expected more - to rhyme with Lion Roar (with Great Wall)

The manufacturers do watch this page with much interest - you can bet on that. So I do this for the mates!
3 February, 17:07
thanks Trez Mackenzie.
3 February, 22:55
Markus Antonius
Maybe it was just a pre-production model for the Toyfair... lets wait for the final product.
4 February, 07:55
Michael Osadciw
I'm building one of their older bikes right now (Motorcycle Orderly Set (Tamiya 35241, 1:35)), and they look WAY better than that kit. The old ones had the spokes on each side line up so the space in between could be filled with plastic. If you zoom in on the new kit it clearly looks like the spokes are round now, and may even be two separate pieces for each side. There are gaps in between that make it clear these are new molds. I'm surprised there's no PE included; Tamiya markets their kits to beginner to intermediate modelers with the emphasis on easy builds. PE spokes are anything but easy. Even when they do include PE it almost never needs to be bent since it's usually just vent screens. The last word that comes to mind in how Tamiya engineers their kits is "lazy."

12 February, 15:14
Trez Mackenzie
Sure, but you are comparing this 'new tool' with a kit that is nearly a quarter of a century old! I've taken a Quick Look at all the TAMIYA 1/35 bikes and they are seem the same. You are correct about the rounded spokes and double sided wheels but this is hardly groundbreaking stuff.
Other companies have been doing that for years and most include PE that has been preformed
14 February, 02:16
Palo M
Anyone knows of a Jones + father kit in 1:35 to go with this? There is a 1:48 mentioned on this site, would be nice to find a 1:35 version.
20 February, 10:48

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