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Thread started by Goon0302

Hyped, but why cant it be the C ;-;
Lockheed Martin
F-35A Lightning II
Tamiya 1:48
61124 2022 New tool
3 7 October, 13:19
Sebastian Meyner
Because no model manufacturer invest a huge amount of cash into a new mold, without some market research. The "A" was purchased by a great number of countries (more potential paint schemes=potentially way more interest in the kit amongst modelers worldwide), the "C" is only used by the u.s.. Do the math....
7 October, 15:00
John wiersma
But the Tomcat is only (except of IranAF) used by the Navy, explain then why there are so many kits off that model...
27 October, 14:06
Is the C model the only one that can land vertically like the old Harrier?
27 October, 15:04
Dietmar Bogatzki
No thats the B model
27 October, 16:54
David Taylor
Different wings and a hook on the C so it would'nt be hard to add a different sprue
27 October, 17:26
The landing gear is also different.
31 October, 16:41

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