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Michael Phillips added a new photoalbum.
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New: 26. June at 06:08:19
Project: #23 Revell Panavia Tornado IDS in scale 1:48
1:48 TORNADO IDS (Revell 03987)1:48 Panavia Tornado Pitot Tube & Angle Of Attack probes (Master AM-48-032)1:48 MB Mk.10A (Pavla Models S48020)2+
26. June at 06:02:50 Share
Michael Phillips All done! Gotta re-take some pics, not really pleased with how these turned out.
26. June at 06:39:19
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Michael Phillips added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: June 25, 2017
Project: #23 Revell Panavia Tornado IDS in scale 1:48
1:48 TORNADO IDS (Revell 03987)1:48 Panavia Tornado Pitot Tube & Angle Of Attack probes (Master AM-48-032)1:48 MB Mk.10A (Pavla Models S48020)2+
14. May at 08:38:37 Share
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Alistair Graham It's looking really good. I like the weathering. I did the GR4. This livery would be a nice compliment to the RAF version.
25. June at 10:50:58
Stephan Ryll Very nice so far lookin forward for the final result of that JABO 31 plane
25. June at 12:34:16
Michael Phillips Thanks Gerald, Alistair, and Stephan!

Kerry, the Revell kit is very nice for details, but it is a bear to build. So be prepared for that! LOL

Holger, that is all paint. Tamiya Rubber Black to be exact. I love that stuff. I use it all the time. I actually don't use pigments, but I might try some day.

Thanks for the pic Sven! That is one worn bird. Compared to that, it looks like I may have actually under-weathered mine. LOL

Alistair, I will be the opposite. I just recently got the GR4 boxing, and looking to a RAF compliment to this build one of these days... But it won't be any time soon. :)
25. June at 19:04:15
Kerry Cox Michael.
Thanks for the 'heads up' on the bear situation. :)
If I can wrestle the Airfix builds to the ground with some success, I do expect the Revell will be a little more forgiving. hehehehe :)
But what you have produced here is gold mate and I am most impressed with your finished product.
I am now inspired.
Salute. ! :)
25. June at 21:25:53
Donald Dickson II Michael, it looks flipping awesome dude! Great work. The weathering is fantastic.

Kerry, I think I mentioned earlier I have this kit as well. My plans are to build the nice clean special markings version from the kit. I have sat down at least three times intending to start this kit and put it back in the stash after having pulled the trees out and gotten intimidated. LOL I did their 1/32 Tonka, and I swear it had less parts.
26. June at 02:49:07
Kerry Cox I must look for a review of the kit now. I am hoping there will be one out there somewhere. :-/
26. June at 03:16:19
26. June at 03:18:17
Michael Phillips Thanks Donald! While this kit is a bit rough, it is not awful. I would not be too afraid to tackle it, just have to take your time with the build process and break out the sanding sticks and putty a few places. The BIGGEST issue with this kit is the awful instructions and nonsensical sprue numbering system and placement.

Anyway, I finished her up tonight! New album posted, however I need to retake some pics as they did not turn out as I had hoped. Glad to be done and ready to move back to the KH Fitter!
26. June at 06:38:49
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Michał Karczewski added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: February 13, 2017
Project: Case VAI Tractor in scale 1:35
1:35 Tractor CASE VAI (Thunder Model 35001)
13. February at 01:04:29 Share
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Mike Kryza Top Work
14. February at 07:14:34
Christian Bruer Excellent work and finish
24. June at 11:39:00
Norbert Steffens WoW What a nice colored and realistic finished model. Also the Dio matches perfectly
24. June at 21:48:55
Markus Kutsch Absolutly great work
25. June at 11:35:21
Stephan Ryll That's a nice little dio
25. June at 12:26:56
Lex Jassies Very nice!!
25. June at 15:52:16
Urban Gardini Lovely tractor mate!
25. June at 23:31:49
Bernhard Schrock Looks like a true machine! Well done Michał.
26. June at 06:22:57
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Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
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New: 26. June at 04:47:46
Project: Tamiya M41 Walker Bulldog in scale 1:35
1:35 M41 WALKER BULLDOG (Tamiya 35055)
25. May at 01:38:40 Share
Darren Hazes That is a beautifull kit and quite a fun build. It may be nice to salvage some helmets here and there from other kits to make it look more used. Count me in!
25. May at 02:03:01
Robert W Martel I figured this would be an easy tank to start with. It was Cheap, it's relatively simple, not too many parts. It has 1973 molded on the sprues and by the looks it was a motorized toy back then.
No Matter, the detail is still pretty nice & all the main wheels have poly caps so it will have moving tracks! I'll get to learn a bit about tanks w/this one, and if I screw it up it only cost me $10.
Is it facing backward in the picture or do tanks drive like that ???? WTF ???
25. May at 02:04:11
Darren Hazes It is indeed from the back. this is when a tank is in transport. you can see the barrel on that metal bar. this holds it in place. I've build this kit too and it was a really fun build. Tank builds are pretty fun, if you make a mistake you can easily fix it by adding some mud. It was motorized, you had to buy a separate engine.
25. May at 02:09:57
Gary Brantley This will be cool; :) I have this kit in the stash and have almost started it several times. It will be great to see it being built. .
25. May at 02:15:55
Robert W Martel Darren, yes it looks good to me, but of course I know nothing about tanks. It will be a good one for my first tank. I did notice the barrel lock,,, but why in the rear?? seems odd. AH,,,, MUD lol !!
Gary, it looks to be fairly simple,,, go for it !! lol
I probably won't do much "super detailing" & weathering is not my strong point, but I think I can make it look good!
25. May at 02:33:50
Darren Hazes no its not for the mud, its to make the tank as short as possible for optimal usage of space when you transport it on trains or ships. Tank with barrel is 8 meters long. tank with barrel in barrel lock on the back is 5 meters long.
26. May at 00:29:49
Robert W Martel Darren,
AH HA ! Ok I get it. It just seems odd they'd show it on the box like that, with the commander holding his binoculars like he's in the field. Looks like he's driving backwards !!
26. May at 00:35:47
Robert W Martel 6/25/17
Finished !!
Well, I'll say right off the top, weathering is NOT my strong skill at this point. And I don't have a lifetime left to practice at it, so I'm just kinda playing with it as I go. I just tried to make it look somewhat "used" & "dirty". But I think it came out pretty good for my first tank, considering I really didn't know wtf I'm doing !! lol
I didn't "paint it", just put on a flat coat. The color of course is off because of my camera. The plastic is definitely not as Green as the box art is, but the flat did dull it down a lot. It's a "brownish green" !
Well,,, That's it then,,,, on to finish the AC-47 & the F85.
26. June at 06:22:10
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Artin Safari added a new photoalbum.
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New: 26. June at 06:01:08
Project: Bandai 1/12 BB-8 & R2D2 in scale 1:12
1:12 BB-8 & R2-D2 (Bandai 032205)
26. June at 06:01:00 Share


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