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Kerry Cox added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: August 03, 2017
02. August at 14:59:07 Share
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Dave Flitton Lovely work!
12. August at 14:12:34
Kerry Cox I do appreciate all of my mates here passing on their kind words and support. It's a big thrill at my age to know I still have the patience and steady hands to get the results I do.
Cheers. :)
12. August at 14:58:19
Christian Bruer What a clean and sharp work. The overall finish with all the chrome and high gloss looks excellent. Good luck at the QMHE competition, go for the Gold Kerry
12. August at 15:11:18
Kerry Cox Christian. :) Thanks a million my friend. :) The 'gold' is a nice thought, but I just like showing off really. hahahahaha
If I can inspire my fellow modellers to do their best, then that is well worth all the effort I put into my models.
I know, that every year, I come away from the comp all fired up and with a fist full of receipts for all I have bought to make each build the best I can do. :) :) :)
This year, I am going to take as many images I can and post them for all the world to see what we Aussies can do. :)
12. August at 16:24:21
Steve - Kerry just remember the pictures you take will inspire the whole world---no pressure :)
17. August at 22:29:50
Jens Really an absolute cream piece, WOW
17. August at 23:01:44
Kerry Cox Scalemates. :)
My attending the competitions has been a regular thing since 2001 and my first ever win was with a 1/32 Revell AH-64 'Apachie' I had opened up like a can of sardines.
But every year since then, I have been amazed at the incredibly high standards that have been set and particularly, all the items of interest to all modellers and how they have grasped all that is available to improve their kits.
The 'after market' industry has grown out of all proportion. !
Unfortunately, over the years, I have never really done justice to each meet I have been to by taking better images of what was on all the tables, too impatient to record what is on display rather than try to take it all in.
But this year, I really want to capture as much as I can, as the diversity this year will be extraordinary, for sure.
My sincere thanks to all my scale mates over the years who have been so gracious with their kind words of support and encouragement.
It has meant a great deal to me to have you all as friends, even though we have never met.
But next March, I am looking forward to brandy and a good cigar on Wangerooge with Thomas Mayer , Holger and all those who have been making the journey there each year to share a hobby that keeps many of us alive.
I will keep you posted as to what I saw and did. :)
Cheers to you all.
18. August at 03:00:58
18. August at 04:43:08
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Lode Schildermans added a new photoalbum.
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New: 17. August at 21:39:39
Project: HMS Rodney 1942 in scale 1:200
1:200 HMS Rodney (Trumpeter 03709)1:200 HMS RODNEY 1942 Detail Up Set (Pontos Model 23007F1)
17. August at 21:39:09 Share
Rv Wow, impressive !
17. August at 22:52:07
Alec K Watching
18. August at 02:15:23
Anthony Flanagan I just don't have the words...
18. August at 03:39:46
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fred thefoot added a new photoalbum.
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New: 17. August at 19:49:25
Project: Směr Supermarine Walrus in scale 1:48
1:48 Supermarine Walrus (Směr 114)
30. July at 00:55:47 Share
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fred thefoot update Motor arrived today , carved out the back of the engine so the motor will fit , run the power wires as rigging wires so you cant tell its there , done a test on facebook live lol and motor works fine so can crack on with the build now , happy chappy
11. August at 22:27:02
Lost_Erik That is a small motor!
12. August at 02:38:15
fred thefoot lol yes mate , they will fit 1/72 aircraft too :)
12. August at 09:33:40
fred thefoot top wing on , rigging on wings done , opened windows in , still a bit more to go
13. August at 23:11:42
Lost_Erik Looking good with the windows on.
14. August at 01:18:06
fred thefoot cheers mate , getting there now :)
14. August at 08:23:34
fred thefoot ALL finished :)
17. August at 19:51:44
Lost_Erik Fantastic water and build Fred!
18. August at 03:03:05
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Taarna Eckart added a new photoalbum.
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New: 18. August at 02:03:59
Project: Colonial Viper Mk.II in scale 1:32
1:32 Colonial Viper MkII (Moebius Models 912)
05. August at 19:01:53 Share
07. August at 21:02:25
Choppa Nutta the illuminated cockpit looks good :)
07. August at 22:34:56
Spanjaard cool. the cockpit looks amazing with the lights
08. August at 23:38:55
Taarna Eckart Thank you for the kind words Choppa and Spanjaard. More photos and maybe a short video in a while.
10. August at 18:25:15
16. August at 18:19:46
Glenn . Looks great Taarna! Reminds me of the PS4 game Wipeout
16. August at 18:26:20
Taarna Eckart Thank you, Glenn. It kind of does resemble Wipeout. :o Decals and weathering on the way.
16. August at 18:49:33
Karl Smith Most excellent.. May try a union Jack on mine :)
16. August at 18:51:59
Taarna Eckart Thanks Karl! I didn't want to make another one of the thousands being made. Change can be good.
17. August at 15:02:24
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Martin Rauscher added a new photoalbum.
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New: 17. August at 21:43:33
Project: ATF DINGO 2 OpInfo in scale 1:35
1:35 ATF Dingo 2 GE A2 PatSi (Revell 03233)1:35 AFT Dingo2 GE A2 PatSi Sagged Wheel set (Def.Model DW35053)1:35 Dingo 3.2 Op-Info (Y-Modelle Y35-143)
14. August at 21:15:39 Share
Ingo F Very nice.
14. August at 21:27:18
JOHN THOMAS Very nice work
18. August at 01:59:29
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2017-08-18 01:59:29


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