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Kent White (kwh173)

Sd.Kfz. 184 Ferdinand


21 28 February, 01:32
Looks great taking a seat
15 March, 00:28
looking forward to seeing more , taking a seat also
15 March, 04:55
Lenny Li
I finished building the kit for the tank only. I hope you have better luck than me with this combo version with the crane.

The major issue I found was the overall quality of the kit. First of all pushing holes are everywhere. Second the seaming lines are found on almost all parts! We are talking about the ones that you must scrap or sand, and this is a full interior kit. There are some interesting design issues, such as the wall panel shown in one of the pics below - what makes AH believe bending large featureless PE for wall lining is a good idea?

Anyway I've done a few full interior kits from other brands. This one from AH doesn't impress me that much.
17 March, 03:57
Kent White
I agree. The kit does have some short comings and cleanup of the parts is definitely one. Still. Trying to enjoy the challenge as it's the first large-ish project attempted and hoping to at least have something semi-presentable at the end 🙂
17 March, 05:19
Kent White
How I wanted to display the model required a slight rethink on some of the internal details. The kit molding for how the Gun, Gun Mount, Superstructure and Bridge on which it sits didn't really work. I have never really done much in the way of scratchbuilding, but it seemed the only way to get a semblance of the detail required for my purposes. I have to say it has been quite an enjoyable challenge.
3 June, 12:17
4 June, 03:55
Simon Nagorsnik
Nice work on the interior👍
4 June, 05:46
Kent White
Finally have been able to spend some time at the workbench. Let the interior painting and weathering continue...
4 July, 00:46


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