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22 5 April 2021, 09:21
Good old Kingfisher...
9 April 2021, 20:42
Johan van Meerloo
yeah, it looks like a good kit, missing some details (adding them) and the turret ring of the rear cockpit doesnt fit when two halfs are closed so need to solve that, and the two halves still will give a gap that needs to be filled.
9 April 2021, 20:51
Erik Leijdens
I browsed through your albums Johan and it looks like you like the old kits mate 🙂. Great work
9 April 2021, 20:52
Johan van Meerloo
yeah this one will be in MLD colours 🙂
9 April 2021, 21:12
Johan van Meerloo
there is a whole story about the old kits, not my planned but kits are better build then shelfed
got an 1960ish airfix S6B that is going to be build when I got my paint for it
9 April 2021, 21:13
Johan van Meerloo
im still a noob though
9 April 2021, 21:13
Erik Leijdens
Looking forward to your builds Johan. Scalemates is a great source of knowledge, lots of Mates of different skill levels here who are always there to help 👍
9 April 2021, 22:51
Johan van Meerloo
yeah thanks, dont know yet how all works here, but got projects, stash and stuff sorted, all my kits are in this database now
10 April 2021, 11:17
Take your time finding your way around.
10 April 2021, 14:05
Guy Rump
Have one of these in my stash, following Johan 🙂
10 April 2021, 16:08
Johan van Meerloo
it build quite good, although the rearcockpit ring of the turret doesnt fit after two halves are cemented so you need to be aware of that, and the lack of detail in cockpit and rear cockpit are crappy so I added some stuff to the front and the back
10 April 2021, 16:24
Johan van Meerloo
got the decals for the registration and roundels sorted! big step 🙂
10 April 2021, 16:42
Gordon Sørensen
Nice cockpit painting, Johan! I remember building this kit as a kid.
10 April 2021, 17:31
Johan van Meerloo
I added loads of stuff, was missing one blade of the propellor, and the seat for the pilot.
made one from the sprue and made a radio, 2 liferafts and other stuff from the sprue
10 April 2021, 17:46
David Taylor
Are you doing FAA or US.
15 April 2021, 17:25
Johan van Meerloo
Im going to do MLD, dutch navy
15 April 2021, 18:27
David Taylor
Different.I've got the old 1/48 Monogram one which I plan an FAA one.
15 April 2021, 20:06
Johan van Meerloo
well Im dutch so thats part of it, and they have a strange background, to be honest the RAAF ones have a very strange background
15 April 2021, 20:36
Andrew P
Ambitious! The real problem with this kit is the canopy. What's the plan there?
28 April 2021, 16:34
Johan van Meerloo
well, probs loose, so can use all configurations for that
28 April 2021, 18:36
David Taylor
Coming along nicely.
29 April 2021, 14:28
Johan van Meerloo
yes now the struggle how to put the roundels on, there are multiple sizes and places I can put them, but before they go on need to know that all is painted correctly and that I dont mess up after applying
29 April 2021, 14:29
David Taylor
I usually do the usual gloss varnish with Humbrol decalfix,only let me down once.
29 April 2021, 14:35
Johan van Meerloo
yeah but this one gives some issues, the decal is under the foats, as in the struds of the floats go thru the roundel
29 April 2021, 14:42
David Taylor
Ah,gloss varnish, decal,matt varnish,cyano.
29 April 2021, 17:00
Johan van Meerloo
yeah but the strut is going thru the decal place so.. gives me a little headache
29 April 2021, 17:06
Could you partially slice the decal to allow shifting around the strut ?
29 April 2021, 18:15
Johan van Meerloo
well its right in the middle of it
29 April 2021, 18:47
David Taylor
Is the decal on the centreline float or the wing floats.If its on the centre line you will have to cut out the shape of the strut.
29 April 2021, 18:54
Johan van Meerloo
on the wing and the strut supporting the float goes thru it
29 April 2021, 18:56
David Taylor
Have you committed to painting on the insignia.Decided to finish mine after watching you build yours.
3 May 2021, 18:07
Johan van Meerloo
well, there are drawbacks on what my plans are but also some pro's for it,
to start with I painted the tail (didnt have the right decals for the tail) that worked out perfectly and although I have the decals for the underwing insignia the struts that go thru the insignia decal will maybe crapup the decal and Im just a noob so I dont want to mess up this nice build.
I did cut out the insignia size for looking at positions so I could now easily tape arround it.
I will do the fuselage decal due to it being small and okay for that.
before I found these decals I was planning on painting them all on.
I think this will save loads of time If it got messed up.
3 May 2021, 18:12
David Taylor
Faa scheme is much simpler to apply and loads of generic decals out there if I screw it up LOL.
3 May 2021, 18:21
Johan van Meerloo
going to make it with floats or wheels?
3 May 2021, 18:55
Johan van Meerloo
the FAA option in this kit is with the right decals and with wheels, thats one ugly plane with wheels
3 May 2021, 18:56
Did anyone built it with the wheels ?
3 May 2021, 21:19
Johan van Meerloo
the option is in my instructions and the kit has got the wheels for that version in it aswell
3 May 2021, 21:25
David Taylor
Definitely building mine with floats.Odd looking with wheels.My kit has no FAA option, later ones do but aeromaster Kingfisher pt2 has an FAA option.
3 May 2021, 21:47
Ben M
I saw one with wheels in Havana. I like the orange tail Johan - will it have orange triangles or dutch roundels?
4 May 2021, 00:06
David Taylor
National markings have come out a treat.
6 May 2021, 18:52
Johan van Meerloo
yeah still need to finetune the tail though, not 100% happy with that but underwing it came out perfect
6 May 2021, 19:04
Johan van Meerloo
still happy I painted them, was scared to put a strut thru a decal
6 May 2021, 19:05
Johan van Meerloo
Almost done, should I add noseart yes or no? Got loads of nosart in my stash
9 May 2021, 14:46
David Taylor
If it's artistic licence go for it.
9 May 2021, 18:07
Johan van Meerloo
yeah got some ideas but will be nose art from other planes 🙂
9 May 2021, 18:24


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