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Bas Tonn
Bas Tonn

Done !! the Fokker D.VII

the € 3,99 kit from Revell SOB, looks like a biplane now...


Simon Nagorsnik
Is this pattern hand painted?- if yes, my compliment!
22 October 2021, 23:23
Bas Tonn
The white background with the boxes is the standard decal from Revell 😉
All that I have to do is paint the correct little box....
22 October 2021, 23:26
Ben M
So they give you a paint-by-numbers decal? It looks like you're going to get a great result!
22 October 2021, 23:29
Bas Tonn
Yes, It's rather simple. The edges of the wings need some attention i think (the decals are too big, so you have make them fit)
22 October 2021, 23:41
Ben M
It looks fun to get it all figured out.
23 October 2021, 00:45
John Hughes
1970's kitchen floors used to look like that. It was a big thing when you had new lino!
25 October 2021, 19:51
Robert Podkoński
I am impressed with your perseverance here...Good work!
28 October 2021, 09:43
you should get the award "the most patient model builder"! 😄
28 October 2021, 10:15
I agree with others regarding your patience - the results show it paying off! 👍
8 November 2021, 12:14
Bas Tonn
Thanks Mark 💪
I think this is the most time consuming 29-part kit available 😉
8 November 2021, 12:20
Michael Kohl
handpainted lozenge?! insane!
8 November 2021, 12:30
Bas Tonn
not so much 😉 this revell kit comes with a full size (oversize?) decal with the pattern, so it's basicly painting-by-numbers
8 November 2021, 12:33
Alex K
Your step-by-step, patient job on this very educational project really paid off! 👍 - And the scarf... what a nice touch! 👍 👍
18 December 2021, 19:04
Bas Tonn
Thanks Alex. The scarf is neat, but not originally mine, I have seen it before.
18 December 2021, 22:11
Alex K
Well, you saw something that seemed like a good idea - and you tried it out and implemented it successfully, that's what counts!
19 December 2021, 01:03
Alex K
👍 👍
1 January, 22:18


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1:72 Fokker D VII (Revell 04194)
Fokker D.VII
DR Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte (Imperial German Air Force 1916-1920)
Jagdstaffel (Jasta) 11 (ObLt. Rudolph Berthold)

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