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Arif Saeed (SID78)

Revell Tornado IDS 1/48


That's a nice paint scheme on the RSAF Tornado. Looks great, Arif! 👍
Weathering's nice, too.
24 September 2021, 19:26
Arif Saeed
Thanks WhiteGlint , just glad I'm nearing the end this kit has been fighting me at every step !
24 September 2021, 19:41
Rui S
I Like it 👍
24 September 2021, 20:13
Arif Saeed
Thanks Rui 🙏🏽
24 September 2021, 21:04
Arif, looks fantastic to me 👏 I have a few of these revell tornado kits myself. I'll be chuffed to bits if any of mine turn out anything nearly as good as your build here 🙂👍
24 September 2021, 21:36
James C
Looking awesome 👍
24 September 2021, 22:16
Arif Saeed
Thanks Neil/James just glad to see light at the end of the tunnel !
24 September 2021, 23:02
Jos Jansen
What a great colorful scheme...absolute gorgeous! Did you occur lots of flaws during build in this Revell kit?
26 September 2021, 22:15
Arif Saeed
Thanks Jos, put it this way every single part has fit issues, the parts require cleanup of micro flash and some of the build steps could be improved to be honest.I'm almost finished now and glad to see the back of it.
26 September 2021, 23:49
Very nice job, Arif! 👍
The wings and the soot (?) from the thrust reverser visible on the tail looks great.
1 October 2021, 18:43
Arif Saeed
Thanks WhiteGlint 👍
1 October 2021, 19:05
Very nice build! You got to love these desert schemes! A RSAF desert Tornado is on my wish list. Arif, to your knowledge: are these desert camo RSAF Tornados up to GR4 standard or more compareable to the German IDS variant? Some sources claim they are GR4 equivalent but most photo's I have seen contradict that (e.g. only 1 chin pod vs 2 for GR4). I tend to believe the photo's are correct. I got the same GR4 kit as you have planned and I believe it can be backdated to an IDS standard when needed. Thanks in advance for any info.
1 October 2021, 20:09
Maciej Bellos
The best looking camo the Tornado ever wore.

Great job!
1 October 2021, 20:14
Konrad Limmer
What a nice Toni Arif!!
Awesome absolutely awesome 👍!
1 October 2021, 20:23
Arif Saeed
Thanks Tyu much appreciated.The GR4 kit has everything to build a GR1 which I think is most comparable to the IDS, I agree the reference photos I have seen make these camo Aircraft a GR1/IDS, they all seem to have guns so defo not GR4
1 October 2021, 22:18
Arif Saeed
Thanks Maciej, Konrad and Mike really appreciate your very kind words !
1 October 2021, 22:19
Thanks for the feedback Arif, I might give it a go
2 October 2021, 07:37
Gary Victory
Really Nice Tonka Arif. Top job Sir. 👍
6 October 2021, 10:30
Arif Saeed
Cheers Gary 👍
6 October 2021, 14:15
Saeed Jamali
very lovely , i think KSA tornados are the most beautifull ones , You did it Great , very lovely 👌👌👌
29 October 2021, 22:14
Arif Saeed
Thanks very much Saeed 👍
30 October 2021, 12:50


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1:48 Paveway-II (UK) Bomb (2 pcs) (Tornado, Eurofighter,Buccaneer, Harrier ) (Res/Kit RS48-0047)1:48 Tornado GR.4 "Farewell" (Revell 03853)1:48 Panavia Tornado colours and markings (Mark I MKD48011)5+

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