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Christian Kohl (Chrisse)

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc, 1:32 Tamiya

Under construction...


23 | 29. September 2020, 07:19
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Christian Kohl
Hi Guys! My new project is one of the most beautiful planes ever! The machine I build was flown in 1943 by Wing Commander J. E. "Johnnie" Johnson. I don't think I have to describe the kit. A masterpiece from Tamiya, I think. Here we go... ;)
29. September 2020, 07:28
29. September 2020, 09:31
Antoine Meylan
J'ai démarré le même cet été. je me réjouis de pouvoir comparer avec le tiens!! je suis!
29. September 2020, 18:29
Christian Kohl
Bonjour Antoine! C'est zonte! J'attends ça avec impatience et je suis déjà très curieux ... ;)
29. September 2020, 20:55
Sergej I
In... the thing is huge. Good job on the cockpit 👍
1. October 2020, 15:42
Christian Kohl
Thank's Sergej I! A lot of work... ;)
1. October 2020, 16:20
Wonderful looking cockpit. Thanks for showing some of the products you are using like the lead wire and decals.
10. October 2020, 20:55
Daniel Klink
Amazing Detailwork Christian.. 👍
10. October 2020, 21:19
Christian Kohl
Thank you very much for your great feedback regarding my work, JW & Daniel. The inspiration to always try out new techniques and to make each individual model even more unique and perhaps also "better" than the previous one is what we share here with one another. It's just fun, motivating and never lets you get bored. It's great that you all have this fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas ... :)
11. October 2020, 02:31
Nice work. Following
11. October 2020, 19:56
Christian Kohl
Thank you very much, Mathieu :)
11. October 2020, 19:59
Christian Kohl
Hi Guys! Started the Camouflage on my Spit in the moment... :)
25. October 2020, 11:37
Christian Kohl
Hi Guys! After completing the camouflage of the Spitfire, you slowly but surely get an impression of how it will look in the end. The heart beats faster ... ;)
25. October 2020, 15:15
Antoine Meylan
Bravo Christian!! ca avance bien et joliment!
25. October 2020, 19:12
Christian Kohl
Merci beaucoup, Antoine. S'il y avait plus de temps pour faire de l'artisanat et de la peinture, je pourrais le faire depuis longtemps. Lentement mais sûrement, mon Spit montre sa vraie beauté ... ;) Les bonnes choses prennent du temps. Que fait votre Spitfire?
25. October 2020, 19:29
Antoine Meylan
Mon Spit prend aussi son temps. le votre est une vrai source d'inspiration. j'avais aussi prévu de suivre le même schéma de couleur. C'est intéressant de voir les différente manière de les monter, le mien avec le moteur collé mais pas les ailerons, vous l'inverse...
26. October 2020, 17:44
Aiden Sanders
Sieht großartig und vielversprechend aus bis jetzt, chapeau
26. October 2020, 18:06
Christian Kohl
Herzlichen Dank, Aiden & Antoine! Die liebe Zeit bremst mich gerade etwas herunter. Am kommenden Wochenende werde ich (hoffentlich) weiter kommen...?!?
26. October 2020, 18:31
Christian Kohl
Merci, Aiden et Antoine! L'amour du temps me ralentit un peu. Le week-end prochain j'irai (j'espère) aller plus loin ...?!?
26. October 2020, 18:32
Christian Kohl
Thank you, Aiden & Antoine! The love of time is slowing me down a bit. Next weekend I will (hopefully) get further ...?!?
26. October 2020, 18:33
Christian Kohl
Hello everybody! After covering everything with Future last night, after a week, I started working on the decals today! The kits from Tamiya are extremely great !! The decals, however, are a shame! much too thick and very bitchy and fragile when using plasticizers! We will see how the further work on my Spit develops ... ??
31. October 2020, 08:47
Christian Kohl
Since the decals on the underside of the wing have to deal with some raised details, they are unfortunately partially crumbled despite the use of plasticizers (Tamiya, Microsol and Mr. Mark Softer). To "save" the emblem, Tamiya colors were mixed and applied accordingly for lamination. After aging and filtering, you probably won't see any of it in the end ... hopefully?!?
1. November 2020, 09:52
I wonder, how easy is it to clean the alclad metal paint from your airbrush cup/innards/nozzle? (looking at photo 7 btw)
1. November 2020, 09:59
Christian Kohl
@ Treehugger: With Tamiya-Thinner it works very well! But here you only need a little of it. I've been doing this for years.
1. November 2020, 10:47
Christian Kohl
Good evening everyone. The decals are now on. It took a lot of plasticizer, patience and nerves, but it all worked out. so far so good... ;)
1. November 2020, 16:35
Murad ÖZER
Christian kudos with the decals, it's the only yet the worst part of this particular kit for sure!
14. November 2020, 19:26
Christian Kohl
Hello Murad! Thank you so much! The kit is really good and I really enjoyed building it. The decals, however, didn't really like me. Especially the corkades, which were difficult to handle because of their thickness and size. Unfortunately, various plasticizers didn't make my work that much easier! Unfortunately!! Anyway, I think the result is still impressive. Tomorrow is rollout ;)
14. November 2020, 19:45
Sergej I
A beauty! Congrats, Christian 👍 on such an impressive result.
14. November 2020, 20:46
Christian Kohl
Hello Sergej I, thank you very much for your words. I really appreciate that! That motivates me for the next model :)
15. November 2020, 05:57
Christian Kohl
It's done!
15. November 2020, 17:07
Murad ÖZER
Congrats Christian, gorgeous build! 👍
15. November 2020, 19:07
Christian Kohl
Thank you Murad :)
15. November 2020, 20:58
Antoine Meylan
Bravo Conrad!! Magnifique résultat. Je n'en suis pas encore aux decal sur le miens... j'appréhende un peu après vos problèmes!
18. November 2020, 16:31
Christian Kohl
Bonjour mon cher Antoine. Merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires. Je suis content si vous aimez mon résultat! Celui sur les décalcomanies était en effet une lutte - pas amusant. La patience, l'entêtement et beaucoup de plastifiants ont finalement gagné! ;)
18. November 2020, 16:48


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