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Su-30SM Mihaly

The photos with white background were taken before I added missiles. I thought the surface was too uniform so I gave it another wash (on flat varnish). I scraped off the varnish on a few places and thought I destroyed this model for a second. I'm not super excited with the final result. The surface looks too patchy and the flat clear varnish gave it an unnatural sheen. Well, I better move on to another project and try to live with this.


20 | 24. July, 14:21
Luckily, you didn't destroy it during the final steps, as you have written.
I know that feeling, stuff like that happens to me often, at least I think so. It can be rather frustrating.

Still, it's a very nice looking bird. Great colours and subtle weathering. 👍
Especially love picture 12.
24. July, 14:50
Roland Gunslinger
Looks great 👍
24. July, 14:54
The aircraft is very striking photographed on a black background - very nice!
24. July, 15:28
Robert Podkoński
I think you're too harsh with yourself, Kengdad. Great model and fantastic photos! Congratulations!
24. July, 15:48
Romain Sablou
Still awesome despite your issue ! Where do the decals come from ?

24. July, 17:30
Thanks all! After sleeping off the stress, I think it looks as good as I could've hoped for... as long as I don't stare at any specific areas lol.

@Romain I found a pretty good decal seller on a Chinese site, I made the image files and they can print them for me.
24. July, 22:12
Cool photos of a very good looking model! Can´t see any flaws here.
25. July, 09:22
Slavo Hazucha
Great to see Mihaly´s best plane brought to life in such beauty! 👍 Top project & outcome, I´d like to build this myself at some point!

Possibly the best AC-7 "true to original" takes I´ve seen, including missile colors & small stuff. Pic 12 is pretty much in-game footage 😄
10. August, 14:43
Agree, another very cool one!??
10. August, 21:06


1:72 Sukhoi Su-30SM 'Flanker-C' (Zvezda 7314)1:72 Su-30SM parking position exhaust nozzles (Res/Kit RSU72-0046)1:72 Su-30SM (Quinta Studio QD72012)1+

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