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Phil M (TemetNosce)

Tamiya Martini Brabham BT44B 1975 1/12 Big Scale Racing Car Series no.42

Amazing model from Tamiya, almost everything fits well. I would like do more 1:12 models as they are so detailed...but they take too much place haha!


17 31 August 2022, 09:30
Phil M
its a beauty, really fun to do...only one big problem: its WHITE!!! lol I hate painting white...
31 August 2022, 10:50
Nice work
My local shop just got one in today and only one
So now I got it
I had given up getting it but to my seprise found it in the shop today
I opened it up to have a look
And I must agree it looks like a great kit
Would be interesting to know were you had problems on the kit
8 September 2022, 09:27
Kyle DeHart
What's gorgeous build! I'd like to give one of these big scales a try sometime. Great job on this one.
8 September 2022, 11:23
Gorgeous build indeed!
8 September 2022, 12:28
Phil M
Hi JV its a great kit, but its basically the same kit as in 1975 with photo etched and a belt (this one is amazingly easy to work with). Its Tamiya, so even an old design is awesome. But yes, some issues, I will say most of my issues were minor and linked to my own limits (and impatience) but there is alo some two-three medium issues. here some example of issues you may experienced:

1- like all F-1 model, expect the suspension to be fragile...the parts are really flexible, so they dont broke easily, but when one broke, its kinda tough to repair.

2- the rear wing ...I suggest you wait before you glue the two parts that link the wing to the engine. really check that the rear of the engine is square, if not, the wing will not be totally square...mine is off a little...a minor annoyance.

3- When you attach the engine to the body, it fits well, but the little pins are also very fragile (should have been metal pin IMHO). one of the pin broke...they have two extra pins, but I choose to glue the engine part to the body instead. You may want to replace them with metal rod. cut the top of the pin and glue it to a metal rod the same diameter and length than the part you cut... But you may glue it also, as i dont think you will separate the engine from the body after you attached all the various tube

4- its white and its big, expect dust and other annoyance...

5- some decals are very big, expect some bubbles and tears, so take your time and be careful...You may cut them in 2 or 3 piece, especially the two circle on the side and the long lines around the cockpit

6- the most important problem: the left exhaust is a bit tricky, if you dont align it right, they prevent the engine part to be attached to the body...the various parts really need to be in a certain position...so test everything before the glue! the right side was not a problem.

7- the instructions are easy to follow, but they sometimes dont show you everything, especially the left side exhaust part and there alignment...

Its really an easy build compare to 1:20 F-1 I built, not many things to ''guess'' and the engine is top. Seems complicated when you see it on the picture, but when you build it the instructions are very clear and it doesnt take much time.

Really a must...but expect a gorgeous but really big model at the end!!!!!!
8 September 2022, 12:30
Thanks for the info
I am not to experienced myself
Yes I do love tamiya kits for that reason
Your photos are fabulous
And I wish you had progees photos whed info
For me as a beginner it helps a lot
Yes I did open the box as sune as I got home and was very happy
That I managed to get this kit
8 September 2022, 12:44
Phil M
I should do some progress shot next time...Im not that experienced...I do diorama and painting figure since im 16 years old (I love Warhammer 40k) but just do car model since the covid lol...this kit is very popular, you should look on youtube or google to get some ''how to''. Follow the instructions, test before the glue. Be careful not to glue everything, many parts are just attached without glue

here one of the tutorial that i used to guide me, but i didnt follow everything, its in japanese but you see very well what hes doing :

Youtube Video


8 September 2022, 12:53
Thanks mate very vell done
at your age very impressive
If you do progress photos
Old facts like me will love it
And I look forward to see you next build
8 September 2022, 13:00
Rui S
Excellent. A real Beauty 👍
8 September 2022, 13:41
Phil M
JV, haha...I meant i do dioramas since Im 16...not that Im 16 🙂 Im 46 haha 🙂
8 September 2022, 19:21
Phil M
youre welcome 🙂
9 September 2022, 09:04


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1:12 Martini Brabham BT44B (Tamiya 12042)

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