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Mark D (Mark7)

F/A-18A Blue Angel ready to rock 'n roll WIP


9 | 10. April, 17:06
Jos Jansen
Mark, this is definitely a great modeling report for all Blues enthusiasts. I also have this Kinetic kit in my stash and when I am ready I will definitely apply your recommendations and tips & tricks. Currently, I'm building an A-4F Skyhawk from the Blues and I'm also going to try the 50:50 ratio with the Gunze C5, which looks exactly like the Tamiya X-4 that I have in stash. I just don't know how these two paints, the Gunze C328 and Tamiya relate to each other and whether they will split? I'm going to give this a try, I got this two-color mix through an acquaintance at FB.

Still, I find that if you spray the Gunze C328 on a light primer in thin layers, this blue color is not that dark at all and certainly approaches the Blues blue. Over the years they have had many different colors of (commercial) blue colors, and I have a suspicion that the blue color has become lighter and brighter on the Hornets ...!

I also have many photos from 2006 of the Blues at Leeuwarden Air Base, on all photos the blue color seems very bright, but that can also be very distorted by the digital color processors in the modern digital cameras.
11. April, 09:58
Mark D
Thanks Jos, I will try to get as much info as possible in my album about the Kinetic kit.
About the color C328: I think it will do for 1:32 scale (there is a great website of the naritafamily.com with a blue angel hornet on 1:32) but will be a little dark for 1:48 scale I guess; you're absolutely right that over the years there were different kind of blues. Maybe it works better on a white primer indeed.

There are pictures with a brighter blue and also with darker blue, also the yellow on top is sometimes brighter looking in the sun than the CAM decals are.
I think I'm brighten up the yellow a bit, except under the wing-line and on the outside of the tails where the big yellow aircraft number is painted which parts of the plane are a bit in the shadow.

About mixing: I've tested once Tamiya Acrylic with Mr Color, but it didnt mix well, there were air bubbles on the painted surface, but I must say that was with a brush. I would stick with Mixing the 2 Mr Color in this case. (However, thinning Tamiya Acrylics with mr Color leveling thinner works really good...)
11. April, 13:32
Nathan Dempsey
Great work. Looks like a challenging kit.
11. April, 14:11
Mark D
Thanks Nathan, I thought that this kit would be a fast build but definitely not for me with my basic skills, keep learning this way, just attacked the kit and going for it 🙂
11. April, 15:42
Konrad Limmer
Awesome work so far. Looking forward to it.
11. April, 16:03


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1:48 F/A-18A/C/D Aggressor (Kinetic K48088)1:48 Pro Decals - F-18A F-18B Hornet Blue Angels 2006 (CAM P48018)1:48 SJU-5/6A ejection seats (F-18 ver.) (Aires 4216)1+

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