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Audrius N (senux)

FT-17 Lithuania Army Force 1923

One of 12 FT-17 tanks bought by Lithuania in 1923.
There were 2 with cast turret, the rest were with riveted turrets. All of them were given own names written on turrets. Mine build shows "Giltinė" (engl. Reaper) with a riveted turret.


7 | 15. November 2019, 22:03
Excellent job! More photos of the completed model would be good.
16. November 2019, 14:11
Audrius N
Thank you gorbygould. There are just few photos in good quality of completed model though.
17. November 2019, 19:51
very nice job!
30. November 2019, 22:50
Ditto, what gorbygould said!

15. June, 20:15
Rui S
IMHO, The teaser is photo 10. Very Nice weathering 👍
19. June, 11:54
Bruce Huxtable
Looks great 👍
19. June, 14:46
Audrius N
Rui S : did reacted and updated the teaser. thanks
4. July, 17:40
Audrius N
More pictures of built one added
4. July, 18:01
Bruce Huxtable
Wow! Superb. You have set the bar very high indeed.👍
4. July, 18:16
Audrius N
Bruce, thanks. i think you can do same or even better 🙂
4. July, 18:21
Bruce Huxtable
Audrius, that is very generous of you, but I have no idea how to go about achieving the results you have here. Your work is inspirational 🙂
4. July, 18:28
Audrius N
Bruce, I appreciate your kind words. However practice makes perfect. I guess you know it already 🙂
4. July, 18:34


1:35 FT-17 (Meng Model TS-011)1:35 Maschinengewehr 08 (M.G.08) barrel (Magic Models MM3586)1:35 FT-17 of Lithuanian army 1923 (Projekt Narodnaya dekal 789)

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