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11 7 November 2021, 23:39
Rui S
Looking good 👍
8 November 2021, 00:44
Markus Yliaho
Thank you Rui! More pics coming soon 🙂
9 November 2021, 23:22
beautiful job ..looking good
10 November 2021, 01:45
Markus Yliaho
Thank you Mona!
14 November 2021, 15:13
Markus Yliaho
Just a few weathering steps and smal details like antenna left on the tank. The figure has some more work ahead aswell like medals, headphones with wires and other minor stuff. Then its ready for a future Kursk diorama.
14 November 2021, 15:13
Markus Yliaho
@Neuling Honored to have a skillful modeller as you stopping by. 🙂
16 November 2021, 23:27
Markus Yliaho
Finally finnished.. Well at least before entering a possible diorama. The tanker is supposed to be holding a pair of binoculars, but i opted to wait until a diorama to see if there is something else that might be more suited to place in his hand
10 December 2021, 14:25


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1:35 Pz.Kpfw. 38(t) Ausf. E/F (Tamiya 35369)

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