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Piotr Sarniński-Górecki (Psar77)

F-117 Nighthawk in progress


9 | 10. February 2020, 11:13
Roland Gunslinger
Watching :)
I'm planning to build one in 48scale. IMHO a very aesthetic bird, especially "in-flight"
10. February 2020, 12:05
Piotr Sarniński-Górecki
Good luck with yours Roland :) I have 3 unfinished projects by now - this bird is one of them. Hope to finish all of them this year :)
10. February 2020, 13:52
Roland Gunslinger
That's the common modelers "problem" beside "my stash is bigger than my Life expectancy" 😄
10. February 2020, 14:20
Piotr Sarniński-Górecki
Hahaha - indeed :-D
10. February 2020, 14:47
Maciej Bellos
Following. 3 kits on the bench, 4 if I count my daughter's 104. Quite common indeed. 🙂
3. January, 22:48
Łukasz Gliński
Watching, mine (from Hasegawa) is still waiting, maybe I'll learn something 🙂
7. January, 15:40
Nice work, but you spend to much effort! For a F-117 diorama 3 wheels, a ladder and a name plate are enough, since it is a stealth fighter!😉
9. January, 11:11
Dominik Weitzer
nice work onthe details. fascinating!
9. January, 11:13
Piotr Sarniński-Górecki
Thx guys ! Bughunter ! Why you appear soo late... All that work for nothing....
9. January, 14:36
Mirko Römer
Wow, that's gonna be very sweet!
9. January, 16:32


1:72 F-117A Stealth Attack-Bomber (Academy 12475)
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
37 TFW
Flat Black

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